It cannot be believed-good ole T68i-using Tam got himself a new phone. Actually, it was my mobile phone provider and my father jinxing me into accepting a free phone upgrade – and so I went today, ending up having a long talk with my T-Mobile store clerk(he is an expert on mobile phones and handhelds) and buying a Sony Erricson T630.
Well, then following points seemed noteworthy to me:
1) Question-Which phone should I get that works with my Palm?
The answer of the clerk immediately was-get anything Sony Erricson and be on the safe side. I do not know why this company has such a high reputation for being compatible, maybe it was because of the CLIEs. I really don’t know.
2)Question-Where have the TREOs gone to
The clerk said that he didn’t know why T-Mobile does not run any Palm powered smartphone, although they had them on offer a few years ago. Its all blackberry and MDA there. However, the following sentence was issued: “They were always very difficult when it came to exchanges”. I can actually understand T-Mobile here, I am currently at Exchange number ten or so with my Tungsten T3.

After having opened my T630, thought struck me. The phone was full of images, sounds and games-and most important of all, most of it was T-Mobile branded in one sort or the other. The battery even was charged to 50%. Basically, immediately after switching the device on, you have an enormous WOW-Factor. Now compare this to a stock Palm. Turn it on, and nothing… Maybe a few boring images of a mountain and a bridge-but no stuff that really gives bang. Most of the cool stuff hides in the CD, only to be seen after purchasing the device..

I now wonder why licensees can’t put all the stuff in the ROM of their devices instead of cramming it on a CD. This would really increase the impressiveness of the handheld… . even Microsoft took this up by now, fixly bundling two pretty addictive games with the OS-Jawbreaker and Solitaire. I wonder why PalmSource can’t integrate games into the OS too-they needn’t be big or difficult. Impressive visuals and bang-that’s all what counts.
BTW, if PalmSource needs a game programmed, contact me. I will try my best!

Your comments are appreciated…

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