In part 1 of my review I told you about all the functions that “Ringo Pro” offers. Now let’s see if the program works properly.

The big testing
Thank God we have an ISDN-telephone at home. That means: I have 3 different phone numbers to call the Treo. I tested “Ringo Pro” with these 3 numbers, let’s call them NR1, NR2 and NR3.

  • I added NR1 as a “Ringo Friend”. As ringtone I selected “Outcast-Hey Ya” and I picked a picture, let’s call it Pic1.
  • NR2 is in no special group and no “friend”. The default ringtone is “Gritty Shaker” from the Ocean’s 11 soundtrack. Default picture is Pic2
  • NR3 is in the “Private” Group. For this group I selected “U2-Vertigo” as ringtone and used Pic3.
PICT2176 Ringo Pro: Review, part 2

Now I took the 3 phones we have and called the Treo from each phone.

  • Call from NR1: The Treo plays “Hey Ya” and shows the right picture
  • Call from NR2: Treo plays “Gritty Shaker”, shows Pic2.
  • Call from NR3: Treo plays “Vertigo” and shows Pic3.

So far, “Ringo” does it’s work very well. Now I wanted to test the “Don’t disturb”-functionality. I activated the corresponding checkbox for NR1 (“Ringo Friend”) and NR3 (“Ringo Group”). And I did some calls again:

  • Call from NR1: The Treo rings, playing the polyphonic tone selected in the built-in ringtone application. The right picture is shown.
  • Call from NR2: Treo plays “Gritty Shaker”, shows Pic2.
  • Call from NR3: Treo again plays the polyphonic ringtone, shows Pic3.

Result: Something is wrong with the “Don’t disturb” function. The Treo rings, but it shouldn’t! As a last test, I set the ringtone for the “friend” and for the “Ringo Group” to default. Perhaps the Treo doesn’t ring now. Testing again:

  • Call from NR1: No sound comes out of the Treo
  • Call from NR2: Treo plays “Gritty Shaker”.
  • Call from NR3: Treo doesn’t ring

As you can see, the “Don’t disturb” option only works if no individual ringtone is selected for “Ringo Friends” or “Ringo Groups”. But this is the only bug I found.

“Ringo Pro” offers a lot of options to make your Treo ring the way you like. Depending on the size of your MP3-collection you can choose from hundreds or thousands of different ringtones. By using “Ringo Friends” and “Ringo Groups” you can assign an individual ringtone to every person and/or group of your address book. The only negative thing I found is the problem with the “Don’t disturb” option.
I don’t know if all these functions are worth 29,95 USD. Some other ringtone programs are cheaper. But they need additional MP3-player software like PocketTunes or AeroPlayer. So the price of “Ringo Pro” is not exorbitant high.
I would give “Ringo Pro” 4 points out of 5. One point is missing because the “Don’t disturb” option and the “Ringtone Mixer” do not work perfectly. But I can recommend the programm to all Treo users who want more than just the built-in tones.

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