Over the week there are a number of PDA related podcasts. I listen to the 1src and Palmaddict casts regularly, but I also frequent many of the other sites. Alan Grassia has a great podcast over at Grassnet, and a great list of all of the available Palm podcasts here.

Of course, their is a special occasion for me mentioning podcasts, and that is this weeks PalmAddict podcast. I was again a guest on the podcast, but this not being horribly special in itself, I must say that it was a group panel podcast. We had Tyler, Jeff Kirvin, Alan Grassia, myself, and JAmerican from the 1src forums. As you will see if you take a listen, we managed to stay on topic fairly well. We talked about things from Access to SkinUI, and received many good insights on the current events. Take a listen and a look at the shownotes here if you want to know more.

As a sidenote, Jeff was bashing Clies in the post podcast chat. Any Clies owners wishing to bash, maim, or otherwise disfigure Jeff can feel free to do so.

Note: The above statement and its charges can be taken literally or figuratively. I hold no responsibility in the event that any Jeffs get bashed or maimed, but please remember this is Jeff Kirvin. I would not want to cause mass Jeff hate around the world and end up with a number of dead Jeffs on the streets.

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