Dear readers,
welcome to the new TamsPalm site! The old content will be moved here in the proces of this week, new editorial content will appear by tomorrow. There are still a few tiny problems with the subdomain, however, bookmarks that you make now will prevail!

The firstmost important information: Anonymous commenting still is possible! You can register yourself an acount and enjoy more privilegies, but, essentially, there is no need to do so!

Also, you will see a list of categories to your right. This list acts like a filter, you can use it to filter content!

The search box now works. you can search all of TamsPalm directly from there!

We currently plan to offer the following very soon:

    • More themes
      Comment mailing list
      Link List
  • Do you have any feedback? Does the page make problems for you? Cant you find the RSS feed? Please leave an anonymous comment here!
    The TamsPalm Team

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    5 Responses to “Welcome to the new TamsPalm”

    1. This is a test…

      Welcome from me too…

    2. Here I am to say hi!

      Looks nice so far.
      The filters to the right side looks quite useful.

    3. Congrats for the change, I love this site and all improvements are welcome ;)

    4. Hi,
      its a pleasure to see you all happy!
      Best regards
      Tam Hanna

    5. Hi there. Love the new look. I hope you don’t mind if I’ve added a link to your blog from mine. And thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog.

      maceyr’s Palm discovery blog for Palm newbies and new converts

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