When DocsToGo 8 hit the market, users all over PIC began debating about how memory usage had increased or reduced. The best way to create a horse shoe is still from the horse’s mouth-thus, here are the values DataViz itself states on its homepage

Version 8 Premium
Documents To Go 386K
Word To Go 773K
Sheet To Go 619K
Slideshow To Go 382K
PDF To Go 530K
Inbox To Go (Win only) 191K
Pics To Go 165K
SmartChart Technology 281K
Word To Go Fonts 266K
Spell Checker 348K
DGraphConverter (Shared) 548K
GraphicsLibrary (Shared) 12K
DTTFonts (Shared) 523K

If you sum all of this up, it makes about 5024 KB…
Will you install DocumentsToGo 8 on your handheld?

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6 Responses to “DocumentsToGo memory consumption”

  1. Unfortunately, with most newer and updated software, it’s inevitable that it will get bigger in size. I own Docs To Go 5 which was in the special package for my Zire 71 and I have not felt a need to upgrade. Unless Dataviz make a total overhaul of the program and start from scratch, the only way it’s going is bigger sized programs. Just think of Windows and how bloated they’re now compared to the old days.

    I personally found that I prefer the older versions over the newer versions of many Palm applications since they’re much smaller and offer most of the features I need. So, I find that I search for the older versions of software just so that I get a smaller sized program. Unfortunately, most developers won’t provide their older versions. So, I tend to keep a back up of most software so that I can refer back to them if I need to.

  2. Version 8 includes a feature that was available as a separate program for v.7. It was a small little program that let you move the files between your card and handheld. So, for most people, it is completely possible to run DTG off of your expansion card. You can find this feature in “Manage Applications”.

  3. I use the Native PDF Reader of v8.But when i compare it with Palm PDF (Freeware), The speed of Palm PDF to process is more faster than DTG.

    The DTG do a great job on render image of the pdf file (like original), looks like the PalmPDF convert the image into a compression file to display so the image does not very clear enough if we compare with the original

  4. Hi,
    is anyone interested in a (comparison) review?
    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  5. i ´ll install it….
    don´t you´ve ever heard about datviz- tech tool?
    look here:

    it stores all not-in-RAM-needed files from DocsToGo
    on the card


  6. Hi,
    thanks for pointing this out.

    Honestly, I knew about tihs already-I just wanted to post this table because I saw a few users not sure about how much memory DXTG eats.

    Anyways, thanks for clearing this up once again and also for talking back!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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