Recently, Ed Hardy at BrightHand’s wrote an editorial about Palm Inc beeing bought up by RIM, the maker of the popular BlackBerry handhelds.

Ed definitely has a good argument. The Palm OS is an advanced OS platform that supports touchscreens-something RIM hasnt acomplished so far. The OS can do multimedia and everything-RIM cannot! But why do you need to buy Palm for this-get PalmSource give you a licence and have Handera build you a handheld.

However, I can darkly recall that RIM made a statement a few years ago that it plans to transition away from hardware and to software. RIM can licence its BlackBerry client to just about anyone who wants to port it to his own handhelds. If RIM could live off the revenue made with software licencing, they could eventually kill their hardware segement and save loads of cash and risk.

So, if the way is away from hardware and to licencing software, why purchase Palm? If you want to kill your hardware on the long run, why invest loads of bucks into a hardware manufacturer???
I beleive that this will not happen. What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Will RIM buy Palm”

  1. Everybody wants to move from hardware to software because of the lower product costs (thus higher profit margins) software allows.

    If you design a device that you can sell for $300, it still costs you $100-$200 to make each one of the devices you sell.

    But if you design an application that you can sell for $300, it costs you $0 to make each additional copy of the application you sell!

    Ironically, everybody making software wants to move from software to subscription-based services.

    Instead of selling you software, they want to rent to you the right to use it, making it possible to sell the same software to you again and again.

  2. No this isn’t a solution for Palm. Palm will get more potentially users by selling WindowsMobile- beside of PalmOS-devices.
    If You think in rightdirection You see that PalmOS has more functionallity like RIMOS. If RIM want’s these functionallity they can buy an license from PalmSource. *grin*

  3. Hi,
    this is sth I always wondered about. Palm had push email with the i705-I wonder why they never managed to gang up with RIM… .
    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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