Dear readers, this is a great day. On the 17th of November 2004, TamsPalm was born-and it looks as if it was a right decicion to create a blogger account back then. While most other sites would use this opportunity to create a huge fuzz about themselfes, lets recapitulate for a moment!

We had multiple cutting-edge stories, hardware reviews, software reviews, gave many hinjts about the PODS and other things in the PalmOS and other markets. We somehow even managed to post most of the news that were considered important in the PalmOS world. Hundreds of anonymous comments helped us evolve and improve our content and coverage-a big thank you goes out to each and everyone who produced a useful comment! It doesnt need to have perfect grammar-as long as it is english and we all understand it the comment is superb!

We were hosted by Google for almost a year-a big thank you also goes out to the folks at blogger’s for hosting us for almost a year. A big thanks also goes out to the folks at my new host HostLoco for answering all our support calls….

Of course, the migration will give us new challenges this year! We lost quite a bit of PageRank in google and will still need quite a few links to get back in place. Our content hasnt been fully moved yet, and the old comments probably never will be. The new WordPress system gives us much more control-but also much more possibilities to break something. So, this year will remain challenging-but I am sure that we will make it through together!

Overall, a big thank you goes out to everyone of you-all readers, commentators and authors that helped create the TamsPalm experience! Please tell us what you like and what you dislike about TamsPalm! All comments are welcome!

-The TamsPalm Team

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6 Responses to “TamsPalm is one year old”

  1. Really excellent site. I did a little posting on Palm Addict the other day where I mentioned you were one of the few sites with original content, not just another copycat. Keep up the good work. Thank God for RSS readers so I can catch you every day.


  2. Congratulations! go and keep on with the great job.
    We will publish an editorial later on at palmInsider


  3. Hi,
    thank you all for the praise and good wishes!
    Same thing to you! Lets hope that the Palm Os world will grow and thrive…
    Anyone got something critical to say BTW?
    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  4. Great Great Great and wonderful blog… Congralutions to the seen and unseen (all the people involved) in keeping this blog running…

    My warmest regards,


  5. Hi,
    first of all CONGRATULATIONS on your first anniversary, may there be many more. It was also very nice of you to mention us being your new provider. We enjoy working with you as well and you know, if there are any questions, we are happy to help you.

    Sunny greetings

    Maike Klock

  6. Hi,
    it is a plasure to work together with you as well! That support guy is absolutely insane(sorry, but I forget everyones names…).

    He fixed my WordPress problem in about 5 minutes, enabling me to meet my deadline;). And, lets not forget the added performance bonus of a second database…

    Anyways, thanks once again!
    Tam Hanna

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