Fuel cells apperently start to go mobile.
OhGizmo has a first picture of a device that it claims to be a Toshiba mobile phone-powered by a fuel cell. While I am not yet sure about if the device really is made by Toshiba(do they even produce handsets??), the picture clearly shows the tank for the fuel cell:


Anyways, the device is pretty thick and probably willnever be released for one simple reason: supply infrastructure. Please keep in mind that you cannot easily recharge a fuel cell at an AC outlet AFAIK, but that you much rather need to get a new “tankful” of gas. And with no gas dispenser networks available so far, I am not sure how they would want to manage that…

What do you think? Is this the way to go?

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2 Responses to “Fuel cell powered mobile phone”

  1. Talking about Fuel Cell…
    Wonder have you guys seen this.

    In OS6 Cobalt Documentation system_management pg198:

    Common Battery Types Constants

    SysBatteryKindTag Enum
    Purpose: Identify the type of battery used in a Palm Powered handheld.
    Declared In: CmnBatteryTypes.h
    sysBatteryKindAlkaline = 0
    Fuel cell.
    Future power source.
    Future power source.
    sysBatteryKindLast = 0xFF
    The upper limit of the battery type values.

    Think PalmOS is “Fuel Cell” Ready!!!!


  2. I think it’s a good idea to think into future from PalmSource.
    To identify Plutonium- and Fuelcellbatterys within PalmOS shows that PalmOS 6 is ready for the future.

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