Professional gamers discuss mouse pads for a few years. Many developers wonder if they could gain advantages by using one of those-and the Icemat’s manufacturers were ready to cooperate. I ordered a blue mouse pad for evaluation reasons with express shipping-and got a black one with a few days of excessive delay. So, delivery seems to be a problem-please forgive me because of the image quality, but my SX1 has problems with dark surfaces.

The icemat ships in a nice big box that can be used over and over again for travelling with the mousepad:
 Icemat 2nd Edition Black review
The mousepad is very big compared to regular ones. Its glass surface feels neither really smooth or rough. Rubber balls at the bottom keep the pad on the table! The pad ships with a few sticky pads called padsurfers-more about them later:
 Icemat 2nd Edition Black review
Anyways, a Microsoft ball mouse screeched pretty loud when used without a padsurfer. However, the mouse reacts very well to all kinds of movement. This video demonstrates what I mean.

The padsurfers eliminate the mouse screeching immediately. However, you need to remove the sticky pads from the mouse’s bottom in order to make sure that the ball still touches the surface. Also, you need to push the mouse from the top. People who don’t have their hand on the top of the mouse will have problems because the ball may not touch the pad. Mouse movement becomes extremely smooth. Here is yet another demonstration video. This time, the mouse has two padsurfers on!

The glass surface can be washed under water-so, if it ever gets dirty, just wash it with soap and water:
 Icemat 2nd Edition Black review
Lets finish this review with a little hint from our local CS-Progamer: Always turn off the mouse acceleration in the Windows Mouse settings, and use the sensitivity to tune movement. With mouse acceleration turned on, mouse cursor movement no longer is a linear function of hand movement. Beleive it or not, but this helps…

Overall, the icemat is funky! While shipping is a bit problematic, the glass mouse pad does a lovely job on my development box. It now takes less force to move the mouse-this eliminated the pain I have in my mouse hand. The smoothness of the mouse movement is insane. The big size of the icemat makes you have a big area for movement that also will be pretty clean due to the height of the pad. The pad may not be too cheap-but my hand’s painfreeness is worth it!

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2 Responses to “Icemat 2nd Edition Black review”

  1. What kind of review, however poorly written, doesn’t include a link to the product being reviewed?

    As a regular reader of this blog, I have to say that if you don’t sacrifice the quantity of your posts, in order to increase the quality of them, you are not going to gain new readers – and will probably lose at least one.

  2. Hi dit-ta-di,
    first of all, thank you for your comment. The link has just been added.

    I have to apologize for lacking content quality over the last few days, but I was not in Vienna and thus didn’t have access to my news sources. I am back in vienna now, so this should be a non-issue!

    Anyways, as for the links, I know that it is a mistake,. but I forget them many times(with hardware, ridiculously not with software). However, your comment is reminded me, and I just added it to the best practices list!

    Best regards and thank you for your valuable feedback
    Tam Hanna

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