The TamsPalm team wishes all readers a merry christmas . . .

This is the post that you prolly saw at a few thousand web sites today. However, we decided to use this opportunity as a quick “flashback” to ask you all for feedback and give you further insight into what will happen in the future!

Things that happen now

We celebrated our first birthday a few months ago-tamsPalm is now 1 year and three months old

We moved to WordPress

TamsPalm now does hardware and software reviews

AutoSync 1.1 was released

Things that shall happen soon

A theme switcher will let you customize TamsPalm to look the way you wish it to

A link list of sites we like will debut

Indeed, the wordpress migration gave us issues to deal with! We lost almost 100% of our google popularity, and it will still take us at least 6 more months to regain it. Every new inbound link is-of course-greatly appreciated! Our link list is intended to give you a nice overview of sites that we TamsPalm authors visit-it will apear in a few themes very soon!

Please tell us what you liked and what you disliked! Have a merry 2006-and lets keep TamsPalming!

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