Eudora Internet Suite is a free package with a mail client and a web browser. The developer is Qualcomm, well-known because of Eudora for Windows, a famous mail client. It is already more than 4 years old and not developed anymore.

Mail Client
The mail client has many features: filters, multiple accounts, HTML mail view, secure connections to server (GoogleMail). But it lacks one important thing: attachments. So there is IMHO no reason to replace e. g. VersaMail on newer Palms, but better than the mail client on OS3 devices e. g.

Web Browser
The main part of this review is the browser “EudoraWeb”. It is a proxy-less browser, so it doesn’t need a proxy server like Blazer 1/2 or OperaMini. The browser starts with the bookmarks list. You can add bookmarks of your favourites sites’ and manage them in categories. It doesn’t support any images. A lack or a feature? On the one hand, almost every site has images today. On some pages you don’t need them absolutely (on news sites with photos of stories e. g.), but on other pages images contain links, and you probably don’t know where to navigate. On the other hand, no images mean less data to transmit.

On POSE (Wireless LAN 2 MBps DSL connection) it renders pages very fast. I could view every page I surfed to and it seems as it supports bigger pages, too.

Forms are supported, I could post a comment on TamsPalm successful. On a T|C I couldn’t type something into a label, a OS5 problem? So no chance to use Google, web mail,… It doesn’t render tables or frames. Thre is no support for cards, so you can’t view offline pages or download files. If you want to download files, tap on “Details” and copy the link into a download manager like Downloader or LGet.

There is no function to save a page. Of course you can copy text to the MemoPad, but there is the 1K limit. Also there’s no history function. EudoraWeb supports SSL Security, there’s a file “sslplus” included.

My results
If Qualcomm had continued developing, it would be a probably great program, but today a mail client without attachment support or a browser without image support is almost useless. But I noticed that most pages use text links or image links with alternative text. I think it’s useful on old devices, on newer devices you should consider which browser is better: EudoraWeb or the built-in one, or perhaps NetFront or Opera?

What do you think about Eudora?

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2 Responses to “Web Browsing on a Palm – Eudora Web Review”

  1. I used it on my old clie TJ-35 to surf the web via GPRS. It’s great for that, and for that reason it still has a place on my T|X.

    It’s way faster than Blazer for loading text, it lacks hi-res support sadly, but it certainly loads quicker than palm’s answer. good program.

    The email client is a waste of time, i tried it years ago, and versamail, and even inbox to go wipe the floor with it, from a ui point of view.

    If only we could have firefox for palm os….

  2. Hello,

    have you ever tried Opera Mini for Palm OS? There is a review here at TamsPalm. It supports images (low quality if you wish), HiRes+ on your T|X and it’s fast, but I don’t know how fast exactly.

    The mail client is – like the whole package old, so no wonder that VersaMail 3.1c is better.


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