According to this thread on 1src, the PalmTX supports SD cards with 8 GB capacity.

The Tungsten E2 was the last PalmOne device with FAT16 drivers. The next one, LifeDrive had a 4 GB hard disk, and due limitations of FAT16 (no partitions > 2 GB), a new driver had to be developed. From then on, all PalmOne devices (except the Z22) had the FAT32 driver which supports – according to Wikipedia – much more than 8 GB. However, not every device could handle cards with “maximum size” (the Tungsten C doesn’t recognize 2 GB cards, the Tungsten T3 has read-only access, …). Because of this you first have to test if such a card works.

To fill a 8 GB card, you need lots of data, for example:

  • 20 movies with appr. 90 minutes in handheld quality (each ~ 200 MB)
  • 7000 JPG photos with 3 MP (2048×1536) (each ~ 0.8 – 1.2 MB)
  • 2000 MP3 music files in good quality (each ~ 4 MB)
  • 80 backup sets of a full TX memory (each 100 MB)


  • 5 movies (see above for exact specifications), 3000 pictues, Wikipedia with text and images, 500 MP3 music files, 200 MB Palm database stuff in /Palm/Launcher, 5 backup sets of a full TX memory and still 120 MB free ;-) )

That sounds good – but what costs such a fun? A 1 GB SD card starts from 50 EUR, a 2 GB one from 110 EUR and a 4 GB one 270 EUR. And a 8 GB one? Froogle only finds CompactFlash cards with 8 GB, they cost appr. 600 EUR. A LifeDrive is cheaper…

What do you think?

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41 Responses to “Palm TX supports 8 GB SD card!”

  1. Oooh… I’d love an 8GB Card. Unfortunately, my Treo 650 only supports an SD card with up to 2GB capacity.

    By the way, I enjoy your blog. Thanks for the interesting reading!

  2. Hello,

    as I said above, the LifeDrive and TX have the FAT32 driver. There are tries to copy and use this driver on “old” Palms. Many people say that it doesn’t work, but on some devices you mave luck. BTW, there is no shop that offers the card at the moment. We’re talking about the future ;-)


  3. Future sd cards up to 8gb? Why not up to 16gb,32gb or even 64gb? Back in the days of 8mbs they thought it couldn’t be done and limited sony programs to 1gb.Maybe somebody will tell us what possible program limits can be unprogramed.

  4. There are some problems with the FAT32 driver and huge Memory Sticks on Sony Clies I think, but other apps like TCPMP have IMHO no limits ;-) )

    Why not 16 or 32 GB? I don’t know… Perhaps it isn’t technical possible…


  5. HI,
    I beleive that it is a problem of the size of the available chips…. . Theoretically, FAT32 can go up VERY far! 2 Terabytes if I recall correctly…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  6. Hi,
    Im from new zealand and you can get a new 2gb sd for $96 or 4gb for $235 (a euro is equvalant to about two new zealand dollars) from a trading website called trademe

  7. SD 4GB now around 100 USD. Works great in my TX device.

  8. Escorto, would you mind telling which make/speed of SD card worked please, as I’m thinking about buying a 4GB one – I really need 10 movies worth of stuff (when I find out how to download them) ;-)

  9. Both of my treo 650s are running 4GB cards just fine with a hack found on shadowmite’s site so you know i can’t wait to try an 8Gb card.
    wi-fi, Blue tooth reverse DUN, fat 32, GPS navagation, Docs to go, Mp3′s & compressed dvds are all in an overclocked 500Mhz Treo thats in the palm of my hand.
    The Treo 650 Rocks! who needs Treo a 700p when the 650 can do most everything it can & more. same goes for the LifeDrive. sure its got more memory and a bigger screen but you still can’t make a call on it & its not exacly the easyest device to toat around. the Treo 650 is still the best device on the market if your willing to hack it.

  10. Any 600 hack for the 4 gig? Will the 650 hack work with the 600?

  11. Hi,
    AFAIK not…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  12. Can you give me a website to find that hack for the 650?


  13. the hack for treo 650 to make it recognize a 4 GB card can be found at (just search the forums). it’s a ROM editor that reconfigures the treo to support FAT16.

    unfortunately, it doesn’t work on the treo 600. or at least nobody has found a way to hack the treo 600 yet.

  14. I found an 4gb sd card on ebay for 49.99 usd and on for 57.99 usd (47.99 usd with 10 usd mail in rebate). I am definately getting one for my tx!

  15. If there will be the new FAT32 driver (written by Dmitry Grinberg), it should also work on the Treo 600.

  16. The title of the thread is body

    “Palm TX supports 8 GB SD card!”

    But it doesn’t seem that any of the contributors has had any experience with a specific card. It’s all conjecture and “Fat-this” vs. “FAT-that”, and US dollars prices vs. Euro vs. Australian dollars.

    So: Does anybody have any experience to support this title (which bears a promising exclamation point!)

  17. Hi,
    please look at the 1src thread we linked. We are currently communicating with Dmitry – stay tuned!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  18. 8GB card are now available on ebay for about $80. The problem with them is is that they are a new type of SD card, they are SDHC cards. Secure Digital High Capacity I think. Palm does NOT support SDHC cards, so be careful about what you buy. A lot of 4GB cards are also SDHC, so be careful of what you buy.

  19. I paid 19.99 euros (25$) for a 2GB SD card (at Mediamarket – Mediaworld in Italy). Where are you from in Europe?

  20. Hi Roberto,
    I am from Austria…and paid approx 25€ for 2GB two months ago…

    But memory card prices are coming down day by day…so :)

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  21. Why should all this hacking be necessary to get support for SD cards? You know what? I bought a nice Ricoh camera with a 4GB SDHC card and the bloody thing just worked. Then I put the 4GB SDHC card into my Palm and the blasted thing doesn’t work.

    Palm!!!! You need to either open source your OS so the community can keep it up to date, or you need to actually develop software so the devices work like they are supposed to!!!

  22. It seems the TX supports standard SD cards, not SDHC (high capacity). The latter uses sector addresses the former uses bytes. As long as it is not the HC kind, it seems like it should work okay.

  23. Does anyone know where to get a 4Gb SD (non SDHC) card for a TX from?

    I live in the UK and I am having trouble finding one. They all seem to be SDHC.

  24. Nierle ( sells Emtec 4 GB SD card, at least this seems to be “old” spec 1.1 card. They seem to be specific about SDHC spec cards, which they are also selling.
    I am sorry to say I haven’t tried this Emtec, so I can’t say this works for sure.
    I personally use Transcend 4 GB cards with my Palm TX.

  25. SDHC cards can be used on the Treo 650 and 700 if you use this new driver:

    I have already installed the driver and I am getting a SDHC card on my lunch break today. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  26. I bought my Toshiba 4Gb purely for my Lumix FX 07 and it served PERFECT as for every picture snapped!!! The snappy price was a mere SGP$49 from Retail chain in Singapore when I was on holiday there in February!! I’m planning to get a few more with my privilege discount card and best of all, get my 7% GST Refund at the airport…go guess how much I saved as a result?

    They are superb & storage-handy for my TomTom910 and Nuvi6xx GPSs too when growing favorites and increasing POIs are saved endlessly!!!

    **GPS Passion**

  27. I have been having very short battery life on my palm TX with a 256MB SD card inserted. After removing the card, battery life improved from about 20 minutes to several hours. Does this make any sense?

  28. Perhaps you would better ask in a T|X forum, for example here:

    (registration required).

  29. I have what I consider amazing battery life in my TX using a 2GB card. I can leave in my briefcase for weeks with very little use, and don’t really see any battery drain. The only things that I have noticed that really drain the batteries are: WiFi being turned on, Playing movies, and playing games. The only game that I play is Bejeweled 2 occasionally, but the graphics must really take some power.

  30. Hi Scott,
    what about trying a different memory card?

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  31. philip says:
    January 7th, 2006 at 9:12 am

    Future sd cards up to 8gb? Why not up to 16gb,32gb or even 64gb? Back in the days of 8mbs they thought it couldn’t be done and limited sony programs to 1gb.Maybe somebody will tell us what possible program limits can be unprogramed.

    This situation is exactly like the one when Windows was upgraded (worsened??? Why do we have things like Windows Mobile and not Windows 3.x on our handhelds?). You could bet that the harddisk of next year would need a new Windows version that you would not like for other reasons. Hard disk manufacturers apparently improved the in device drivers to stop this game. Now harddisks are commun stuff. Micro SD cards are game. The new handhelds do not offer better hardware than my 2001 version but are needed to run the current version of Windows Mobile. I looked for the Palm alternative. But it does not look promising. Apparently I would have to fumble along unsupported routes and have an unpleasant situation in case of a mayor reset without support
    of my home PC.

    Kind apologies in case the MicroSD standards are
    so un accessible that this ugly working hypothesis is wrong.

  32. Hi Wulf,
    the reason why Win 3.x never was adapted to handhelds IMHO is easy: the OS is not optimized for handhelds. Not hardwarewise, but handling-wise (think about thinks like big controls, one-handed navigation,…).

    I have once wished for desktop OS’ses on handhelds, too – but quickly gave it up…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  33. Unfortunately, few devices, even in Nov 2008, support SDHC. Notably, the new RIZR doesn’t. Only PCs support SDHC by default, although you *can* get a standard 4GB SD card, most larger than 2GB are SDHC. Been wondering if it would be worth it to try and write a driver for the TX for SDHC cards. The RIZR pairs with stero headsets, but then, so does the TX using Audio Gateway. And the players for the TX beat the digital snot out of the lame ass RIZR player. I found both the Logitech headsets (stereo and the new stereo with mic), the Motorola HT820 and the Nokia E5 all pair with both gadgets, no problem. The HT820 has superior sound, but the logitech is second and has a mic. Ah, well, the search for an SDHC driver for the TX goes on :P

  34. Hi Ryu,

    See Dmitry Grinberg’s for SDHC support! (it was a real pain in the ass for Dima to write so I highly suggest you try it out before writing your own slot driver)

    Don’t know how you could have missed that news, it was very big :)


  35. Hi,
    what about a Treo 680?

    Cheap, robust…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  36. So … back to the original question … does the Palm TX support 8GB SD cards???
    I tried a 4GB SDHC card – didn’t work (conclusio: does not support SDHC). The TX is a first-class device and I’d like to use it for more stuff (mainly video). Has anyone actually used an 8GB SD card on the TX and which one?

  37. Hi,
    it works only with PowerSDHC!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  38. Ok. Tried a Trascend 4GB (non-SDHC) card – works ok having formatted it as FAT32.
    Thanks Tam for the additional info. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t be able to use say a 16GB SDHC on the TX (with PowerSDHC of course)? Would like to know what is ‘doable’ before splashing out on the card and driver. TIA.

  39. Hi,
    I have to say that I think it should work – why not get in touch with Dmitry though?

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  40. Hi,
    with my TX I’ve
    - 1 year best experiences: 2GB SD-Card (non SDHC!) SanDisk
    - 2 years best experiences: 4GB SD-Card (non SDHC!) takeMS HyperSpeed 133x
    - 1 month good experiences: Driver PowerSDHC with 6GB Class4 SDHC Panasonic
    - at this moment bad experiences: Driver PowerSDHC with 16GB Class6 SDHC Transcend

  41. I have a Tungsten E2 Palm Pilot and a 4 GB SD card; however, my Palm keeps telling me to put in a card and will not recognize it. Any suggestions???

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