PalmOS Garnet 5.4 Grafitti-as used on Tungsten E2 and other handhelds-has one major difference to the “traditional” 5.2.1 one-it waits when multi-stroke characters are entered. Traditional Grafitti simply sends a backspace ahead-a behaviour that can confuse applications that don’t know about this happening. Since only a few handheld families are “affected”, there is a high chance that developers will soon forget this.

However, a solution is very easy. Walk up to a Tungsten E2, install FileZ onto it and beam the “Graffiti 2 Library” over to the other box. You may see a fatal alert soon after accepting the transmission-but don’t dispair! A soft reset, and the new library takes over merrily. If the handheld doesnt accept the file/doesnt enable it, you may neec to do a hardreset. Then, do the calibration(without touching the grafitti area) steps and beam the file over to the handheld.

This 3gp movie shows the library in action on a T3.

Overall, this one was really easy! Please let us know if it works!

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5 Responses to “Garnet Grafitti 2 for the rest of us”

  1. Could anone post this file??


  2. I have another solution for these endless little modifications made by Palm, to buy a windows mobile device.
    If this thing really make trouble to my T3, i’ll stop buying Palm Devices.

  3. Hi,
    a good backup is-as with all ROM hacks-essential:)

    Anyways, trust me, you will not become happy with Windows Mobile. I had it art a gal’s, and I tell you-three damn taps at least for launching an app is TOO MUCH! Add in the andom slowdowns,…

    Palm OS may suck a bit. But Windows Mobile is much worse. And don’t forget-beeing good is defined as sucking less than the competition;)

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  4. You don’t even need to do this.

    Go over to dmitrygr’s website,, and get the app called something like graffiti 1.999….

    Does the same thing, and free.

  5. Hi cstamper,
    thank you so much for talking back!

    This article was written at a time, when Dmitry Grinbergs program didn’t exist…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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