How much pain can an app cause? Let me tell you a story about the TX. Even after a hard reset, the TX has its dynamic heap fragmented with the biggest free chunk just 2MB. An application causes this. An application by itself loathed by many and that will likely be loathed for this by even more. The application is Blazer. After installing MemUnfragment by Dmitry Grinberg, the ram is no longer fragmented :-)

–Dmitry Grinberg–

Because of Blazer, there have been alot of problems with various programs, because alot of them require large blocks of contiguous (unfragmented) Heap to run well. This program should fix the program. You can get it here.

Unfragment von Dmitry Grinberg

Das neueste Programm von Dmitry Grinberg ist für T|X-Besizer gedacht. Da der Webbrowser “Blazer” viel Dynamic-Heap-Speicher braucht, führte dies zu Problemen und Instabilität. Dieses Programm verspricht dieses Problem zu lösen, indem der RAM defragmentiert wird.


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8 Responses to “Unfragment by Dmitry Grinberg”

  1. Sounds good in theory, but I noticed a definite lag in ALL apps after installing this. Upon deletion of the system extension, my TX came back to its ever so slightlt sluggish self. I might store it on my SD card for use from time to time. Might be a great app to write instead: Defrag upon request rather than active defragging. Just my 2 cents worth. Other than that, keep up the great work Dmitry.

  2. Noticia importante para poseedores de una Tungsten T|X

    El creador de programas muy útiles como el archiconocido UDMH, Dimitry Grinberg, ha encontrado la solución a un problema que, al parecer, tiene la Palm Tungsten T|X. Leo en TamsPalm una nota enviada por el propio Dimitry:

    How much pain can an app …

  3. @Russell Howell
    I wish you knew how PalmOs memory manager works.

    You CANNOT defrag on request. the only way to stop this Blazer thing is to not give it laucnh code 5. on reset. after that it is too late. The chunk IS allocated and it is a NON-movable chunk so it will sit there in the middle of the heap till cows come home and there’s nothing you can do sbout it. Free it or move it and get a nice crash.

  4. Hi Dmitry,
    not everyone of us is a coder. I can understand that you are fustrated, but please;)

    Anyways, to put this clear. At Reset, Blazer grabs its chunk of memory and sticks to it. “Defragging” afterwards is difficult, as you need to tell the apps where their memory went(the Palm OS does it itself for unlocked handles AFAIK).

    What this app does is simply hinder Blazer from getting the memory! How this works is not clear to myself though;)

    And last but not least-I could delete Blazer from my TE2. Howto comes soon!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  5. hi dimitri! i installed your ap and noticed the “chunk” increased from some 2mb to 4mb.

    but i already removed blazer from my t|x so i have no way to test it. does this program does something else aside from stopping balzer from getting that much dynamic heap? like apps running faster, etc?

  6. i dont think i would run a program written by a hot-head with a russian name and a narrow mind.

  7. if it works it works bub.
    you can say all you want about Dmitry, but at the end of the day he is still writing kick ass apps.
    Is there something wrong with Russian names? Sounds like you are narrow minded… :-)

  8. Hi,
    please – no more Dmitry flaming… Please!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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