Well, a long while ago, probably over a year ago, I wrote an article describing some technology seen in the last couple CES shows. It was about quantum optical memory. It seems Mobileread has written an article about the technology this year.

Take a look:

My old article
The Mobileread article

What do you think? (Note: I am not trying to insinuate Mobileread stole my article or anything like that :) )

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4 Responses to “Mobileread does a double take to an old TamsPalm article”

  1. I assume you’re just trying to point out that you got the scoop ahead of us, but as people might misinterpret your comment on a touchy subject (for us web site editors anyway) let me clarify…
    1) We got the story via a recent Gizmodo post and the product web site, and properly gave credit to the sources that we used. I was the author of the MR post, so I can say that with authority. :) It is true that there are a lot of sites that don’t bother to give credit, but we are not one of them, and we actually go out of our way to be fair and considerate in giving credit and even passing traffic to other sites because we like to be a help for others also.
    2) In case some of your readers don’t look at the two articles and wrongly assume they are identical , let me point out that there is absolutely no copying going on. This is clear if you look at the articles. All the info was taken directly from the stated sources, and I think it’s clear that they are not the same, just a similar topic. I did not even know that your article existed.
    3) The reason it comes up into the news now is that they had a booth again at the most recent CES consumer products exhibition. And actually the scoop for the moment is the twist that no one believes it’s a real product! That seems to be the consensus now based on available info and people’s reading of the creator’s history, not to mention that there could be great advantage financially if it was enough to capture some venture capital from less discriminating investors.

    I know it will seem like this may be unnecessary to share all this here, but I did want to provide a response because we take great pride in not only providing a lot of original stories and editorial content at MobileRead, but also giving credit where credit is due. I hope you understand that we did not steal any of your content, nor do we have any desire to do that.

    I’m sure you were simply highlighting your early scoop on the topic and not trying to imply anything negative about MobileRead, but like I said, it’s a touchy topic and you never know what readers will think. So please pardon my lengthy response if this was all obvious to you readers in the first place!

    Having said that, I also would like to praise TamsPalm for a great blog. Excellent info and a valuable partner in our joint efforts to support and inform the mobile computing community. We consider you a joint worker with us, and definitely desire to be friends in this mission as we would like to be with all the great web sites out there covering mobile devices. There’s plenty of room for everybody!

    Best wishes,
    Bob Russell
    Editor, MobileRead.com

  2. Course not, I do note that. I think it is just interesting that this hasnt gotten the attention it deserved until this year. Like I said, you didnt copy anything. You probably didnt even remember the old article, if you had even seen it that is :)

  3. Hi bob,
    just to clear that up once again for all of us:

    It was not our idea to say that you stole ouir content, in fact, that is even said explicitly in the article. I am bery sorry if this came along wrongly!

    In fact, I also see you as partners and not as enemies. We two are differently aimed, and thus will not have major compeititon among one another. I fully beleive that it is a bad idea to start a flamewar out of this-we have had this in the german community with a bunch of scumbags and it really killed many incentives from the user community!

    Last but not least: we like long comments here;)

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  4. While I am at it, I might as well fix the title of this article….

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