This is all speculation. We have no idea if it is really true
Mike Mace started talking about the LifeDrive. Then, the PIC chimed in…

One of the core points made in the discussion was why the LifeDrive used NVFS with a hard drive(this was the source of the lag most of us experienced). This was especially ridiculous, because the first rumours said that ther LifeDrive would have real 32 MB of RAM and the 4 GB disk mounted as a VFS drive similar to the T5′s internal drive.

Now, some marketing executive at Palm’s felt uncomfortable about the RAM size or about how it lost all of its data when the handheld was “force-powered off” due to an empty battey. But the planar already was produced-so do what? An OS patch was chosen as “quick fix”. The StrataFlash that was needed to store the OS code was used for an NVFS partiton, and the RAM was used for NVFS’S caches and databases. As soon as this system somehow worked, one fired it out onto all the planars and began selling them as the LifeDrives we know.

This would explain why the rumours were talking about a 32 MB RAM device. Because-um-most solid rumours can’t exist qwitrhout hardware backup, there must be at least a few LifeDrives with “Real RAM” on them. If you are lucky enough to own one of them-please contact us at! Your email will be deleted immediately and your name will not be published!

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