With TagEditor, you can edit the ID3v1 tags of MP3 files. ID3 tags store information about a MP3 file, e. g. song, artist, album, …

tageditor TagEditor   edit ID3 tags in MP3 files

As it’s listed at Freewarepalm.com, I think it’s freeware. You can download it at:

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9 Responses to “TagEditor – edit ID3 tags in MP3 files”

  1. It’s a very interesting program! :)

  2. And I confirm it’s free! ;-)

  3. Hi,
    to be honest: I still use ogg files mostly. Habit from old 64mb card days….

    Is there sth like ID3 available for ogg vorbis files?

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  4. >> Is there sth like ID3 available for ogg vorbis files?

    Not yet, but maybe soon :-)

  5. G. Reichert, do you want some ideas for your program? :D

  6. HI Alex,
    just get going!

    @G Reichert: Thanks for talking back! You know, I am an old ogg afficionado;)

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  7. >> do you want some ideas for your program? :D

    Of course! I’m always interested in getting new ideas and feedback.


  8. Well, what do you think about

    - support for other tags (other ID3 versions, other formats etc.)
    - extended file manger, e. g. preview, multi column (icon, file name, author, genre, etc.)
    - small fonts
    - batch editing (one genre, … –> many files)
    - HiRes icons


  9. Thanks for the ideas, Alex.

    I may implement some of time, as time permits.
    My priority is to add OGG support.

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