The WristPDA David sent me finally is here. I picked it up at customs 3 hours ago, and here are the first few pictorial impressions:

The original box was lost in the shipment process, the machine was packed into a small USPS box. The WristPDA itself is strapped to a little bit of cardboard:
 The WristPDA is here  The WristPDA is here
A small black box contains the accessoires:
 The WristPDA is here
The charger and the USB cable. Please note that the charger seems to be US only:
 The WristPDA is here
The documentation contains Jot reference cards, a little manual and EULA/warranty cards:
 The WristPDA is here
The CD has a protective layer glued to its bottom:
 The WristPDA is here
A second stylus is contained in the box. One is already in the watch, so you effectively get two!
 The WristPDA is here

I already used the watch for a few seconds and can say that I am pretty impressed. The writing recognition is a full version of JOT, this means that Grafitti 1 characters are possible. 7.7MB of memory is plenty for a non-multimedia OS4 machine that cannot be used as an ebook reader. Backlight is a bit weak, but its blue and usable.

More on that later though. Please post what you want to know!

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10 Responses to “The WristPDA is here”

  1. Is this the same as the Fossil PDA watch that was discontinued last week?

    Can we please see pictures of it on your wrist, or next to a typical watch, for size comparison? Can we also see pictures of the various ports?

    What screen resolution?

  2. I didn’t receive the second stylus. Gosh!

  3. “cannot be used as an ebook reader”
    Why not, provided you’ve got either good eyesight or reading glasses?
    Sure, it might take a little while to transfer the books over, but that could be done via a HotSync while you sleep.

  4. Hi,
    first of all:Thanks for talking back!

    @Brabol: it was the limited orange one. Maybe yours didnt contain that(the second one was packed up).

    @Swamp Thing: Um, yes! There is a huge family of boxen that sailed under the shield of the WristPDA. And BTW, its LowRes(more on that tomorrow)

    @Guest: I honestly prefer my TT3 or Palm IIIc for that;)

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  5. Battery life! I would like to hear about Battery Life :)

  6. Hi,
    not yet sure;). Not too good though imho!
    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  7. Tam:
    My mistake. Taking a look at the black boxe at home again I’ve found the other stylus there. I’ve received a black wrist Abacus model.

    Javis: Battery can support up to two days IF U don’t take a look to it more than twice a day (just kidding of course). Better recharge it every night.

  8. Hi,
    no problem;). The stylus was really small!

    BTW; which color is your stylus? I dare to beleive that they all match the color of their Wristbands. And do you know where one can order extra spares?

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  9. where on earth in the uk can a replacement battery for the fossil abacus wrist pda be found?????????????????????????

  10. Nowhere, I think.
    But you are a lucky man. Look here for my far better than simply replacement battery solution:

    Contact me there please.

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