Skype owns-face it. Altough Skype still doesn’t exist for Palm OS, a Windows 2000 box makes a nice phone for talking with Palm OS users and developers! Icemat(IceMat Black second edition review on TamsPalm-the Palm OS Blog) sent us their Siberia Headset!

The headset arrives in a huge, impressive box. There is a USB soundcard included in my bundle, it will be tested some other day:
 The IceMat Siberia PC headset  The IceMat Siberia PC headset
IceMat’s headphones are pretty big-here is a picture of them next to a few handhelds. Using them is very comfortable:
 The IceMat Siberia PC headset
The microphone is rather small. It has a on-off switch to disable it in situations where you want to be alone. A small “clamp” allows you to attach it to your shirt-or to the stylus of your T3:
 The IceMat Siberia PC headset
The headphones can be connected to a “control unit”. It allows you to set up the volume remotely. All jacks involved in this process are standard 3.5, so you can omit the control unit if you don’t feel like using it:
 The IceMat Siberia PC headset
All parts of the headset have very long cables-more than long enough to reach the back of any PC. The headset’s cord is about 95Cm long, the control unit’s cable is about 205CM long. The microphone hangs on a 290cm cord-this is an insane length when compared to most regular headphones.

Recording quality is insane. The microphone has no problems picking up my workstation which stands up about two meters away from it. Here is a short demonstration file(1MB MP3).

Music sounds very well with the headset. I popped the headset into a Tungsten T3 and a Tungsten E2-the music is very loud and sounds well. Bass is audible, and there is no distortion of any kind.

Overall, what can I say? This headset really shoots the bird off the tree! The audio quality is insane, and so is the recording quality. Skype really is fun with this set of tools! A price of 70$(without the USB sound card) is more than justified imho-other headphones cost more without a microphone.

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  1. What exactly is this “USB Soundcard”? Can you connect the headset with your PC via USB by using this soundcard?

  2. Hi Thomas,
    thats it exactly!
    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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  4. It’s actually a nice and useful piece of info. I am glad that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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