Aperently, more and more companies are starting to jump the converged devices train! Nintendo recently announced the DS lite, and now they follow it up with the announcement of a Opera card. The card will cost 32$ and will be sold only in Japan as of now.

Also, a card has been announced that will allow Nintendo DS users to watch TV with their machines. Language assistants,.. also are announced, but there isn’t really too much information about them yet.


In addition, Engadget got an interview with a Nintendo executive. He talks a bit about the new Revolution console, about how the GameBoy Micro sells pretty well and will stay on sale, about how they ran out of stock in Japan,.. . The interview is a bit long, but makes a nice read:

Last but not least, here is an image of a still packed-up Nintendo DS lite:

Loads of news for all Nintendo freaks reading TamsPalm(all others stay calm..more stuff is on the way). What do you think?

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2 Responses to “The Nintendo DS gets wireless internet”

  1. yes,nintendo seem to really like the opera browser,you can get it for the nintendo wii as well now,although you have to buy it from the wii shop with wii points:(i hate it when they start calling money points,it does’nt make spending it any different than money!
    I thought it was strange at first charging for something thats free on a pc,actually i still find it strange to charge for what is genrally free software!
    Nintendo DS Skin

  2. Hi Stephen,
    if you ask me, it is a matter of making customers “feel” that they use up cash…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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