Recently, we saw the first few screenshots of the ALP, the “future” PalmOS platform. The screenshots showed more than just the classic OS; it also showed a few “included apps”. And those appeared to be meager. Well it still is a beta, but lets just put this clear:

A device without a good software library in the ROM is a dead device.

The reason for this is easy. Many stores have handheld displays where user can test out handhelds. These handhelds are hardreset every one to two days, and they usually are not connected to the internet or to a computer. So, the users dont get to see the great apps that are included on the CD-they just see whats in the ROM, and ion devices like the TT, this is more-less empty.

What licencees need to do is increase the “outta-the-box-oomph” factor of their devices. Include music, images, videos, games-just do whatever you can to make the device be more attractive after the initial power up. This may appear to be very expensive at first, but it actually isnt(if you go with the underdogs). For example, there are many DocsToGo replacements on the market that go unnoticed mostly but offer excellent quality neverhteless-those are cheaper to licence and still improve your device’s look.

So, to cut a long story short, a great OS does noit make for a great user experience. The market already rejected many operating systems that lacked enough third party products, and carriers also will reject phones that can’t do anything out of the box! Licencees, use your “volume purchase discounts”, and include as much great software onto your devices as you possibly can!

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