Our new author Alexander Panek(ok, yet another Alexander) inspired me to create this howto-thanks go to him! The discussion started off with ebook formats(and which are best suited for the Palm OS). He lacked a CHM viewer, not knowing that I LOVE chm ebooks because they are so easy to view on the Palm OS.

This tutorial will show you how to get the book showing. All you need is:

Plucker Desktop(open-source freeware)
A Windows box

Step 1-decompiling the CHM file
Essentially, a CHM file is just a archive of HTML files. So, what can be compressed, can also be decompressed. Open a Windows command shell(Start menu-run-enter cmd-hit enter) and navigate to the chm file. Putting it into the root directory of a drive and calling it a simple filename like the.chm simplifies the process.

Then, do the following:

C:>hh -decompile c:targetfolder the.chm


This should generate the folder c:targetfolder, into which the files contained in the chm file will be decompressed. Please don’t wonder if the command executes in less than a second, the decompilation runs in the background!

Step 2-having fun
Now that you have a nice bunch of html files, you can start the party. Find the index file(mini view and a bit of luck can help), and add it to plucker as a local channel. Or, copy the entire folder to your SD card and open it with a Palm OS web browser. Or, um,… you know what we mean!

Hopefully, this article takes the feat out of CHM files. There may not be a dedicated CHM viewer available for the Palm OS, but this method can be just as effective as a dedicated CHM viewer for the Palm OS.

BTW; if you ever wonder what the benefits of web browsers and dedicated viewers are, this old TamsPalm editorial covers it all:

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9 Responses to “Plucker-the CHM viewer for Palm OS”

  1. Palm 上面讀 chm 檔的方法

    解成 HTML 格式再用 Plucker 去看。

    先前我一直在找看能不能在 Palm 上面讀 chm 檔,一直不得其法,似乎沒人å…

  2. [...] CHM es el formato propietario de documento en el que está guardada la ayuda de Windows. De hecho estas siglas vienen de Microsoft Compressed HTML Help. Con el tiempo, este formato se ha utilizado también para distribuir múltiples documentos técnicos. Si alguna vez tenéis que leer un archivo en este formato, y no estáis en una máquina que corra Windows, os habréis visto incapaces de abrir el dichoso documento. En su día yo también tuve que buscar una manera de leerlos en Linux, y al final encontré varios como GnoCHM, KchmViewer y Xchm. Pero, ¿cómo podemos leerlos en nuestra Palm?. En el blog TamsPalm nos explican cómo extraer de estos ficheros los documentos HTML, para luego convertirlos a formato Plucker como haríamos con cualquier otro: [...]

  3. hh?

    Es gibt kein hh auf meinem Rechner. Wo ist die Datei her?
    Danke vorab, Frank.

  4. @Frank: Du musst in die Befehlszeile gehen. Dort sollte der Befehl hh funktionieren. Wenn er auch dort nicht geht, hast du vielleicht ein zu altes Windows (nur eine Vermutung).

    @all: Frank wrote that he doesn’t know what “hh” is. And I replied that he has to type it into the command interpreter. And if it doesn’t work there, his O.S. is probably too old.


  5. hh is the HTML Help Workshop, a tool that compiles CHM out of HTMLs.

    It is a standard Windows tool, it can be copied from this location:

  6. excellent tip about hh -decompile
    after that i found the index file and used my isilox to make a beautiful isilo pdb file with good links and everything

    try it. its fun. and the end result is a single file just like the chm file. tip : when making the isilo file isilox keep the links option to a very high number and make sure you are offline.

  7. Hi Alam,
    I prefer Plucker, as I) can look at the files on both Palm and PocketPC(http://tamsppc.tamoggemon.com/2007/05/07/plucker-viewer-for-pocketpc-vade-mecum/) :) .

    But it is essentially a matter of choice :) .

    Best regards from Vienna
    Tam Hanna

  8. iSilo is also available on Pocket PC (Windows Mobile).

  9. Hi,
    oops, didn’t know – sorry!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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