Sora has debuted passive micro speakers that can be attached to the headphone jack. They exist in blue and pink color-Brando provided us with the pink edition that sells for 10$. You can find the speakers at their web site:

Brando ships its products in envelopes via regular mail. Austrian customs seem to leave them alone most of the time(see ther FM transmitter review for a photo of the envelope). The speakers themselves are contained in a small triangular blister:
 Sora Horn Lord micro speaker review  Sora Horn Lord micro speaker review  Sora Horn Lord micro speaker review
Here you see a T3 and a TE2 next to the speakers:
 Sora Horn Lord micro speaker review  Sora Horn Lord micro speaker review
The two speakers can supply you with stereo sound. Little bubbles at the bottom indicate which speaker is attached to which channel:
 Sora Horn Lord micro speaker review
When separated, the speakers can be moved independently. The mechanics that keep the speakers together work well:
 Sora Horn Lord micro speaker review  Sora Horn Lord micro speaker review
Little rotatable clips on the back allow you to attach the speakers to your cloths:
 Sora Horn Lord micro speaker review
The xyz cm long 3.5′ headphone cable is soldered to the side of each speaker. The connection looks o.k., although I am not sure if it will live very long:
 Sora Horn Lord micro speaker review

The sound quality is difficult to rate. When powered by an E2, they sound much better and also quite a bit louder than its integrated speaker. However, a T3′s internal speaker sounds much better and also is louder than the speakers on the headphone jack. A T5 is in the middle between the two, but the internal speaker still sounds a tiny bit better actually.

Overall, this is a funky accessoire! The mechanics are fine, and the speakers feel sturdily built. Their sound is better than the sound of a Tungsten E2s speaker-but it is not on par with good headphones, active speakers or the T3. If you own a TE2 or something similar and want to free yourself from your headphones, this is a good solution. But if you look for something loud, active speakers will suit you better!

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