A few years ago, most handhelds didn’t have a (strong) backlight. Back then, styli with LED’s integrated into the tip were very popular! Over the last few years, most of them were discontinued. However, we at TamsPalm’s managed to find one that still is beeing manufactured for our WristPDA using readers!

The stylus ships in a blister very similar to most other Belkin offerings:
 Belkin Light Stylus review  Belkin Light Stylus review
It is rather thick and long enough for comfortable use. This image shows it next to a few other styli():
 Belkin Light Stylus review
The tip can be turned on by turning the back of the stylus around. This video shows the procedure. Once turned on, it is ready for use! Here are two photos that show how the screen is illuminated, this video(3gp, plays in TCPMP or QuickTime) gives a ‘hands-on view’. By the way, the tip is thin enough for resetting a WristPDA and a E2-a T3 cant do the trick.
 Belkin Light Stylus review  Belkin Light Stylus review
The stylus locked in the silo of a Palm V, a TE2 and a T3-these images show how it ‘blends in’:
 Belkin Light Stylus review  Belkin Light Stylus review  Belkin Light Stylus review
A Palm IIIc had problems holding the stylus in place. It fits in well, but falls out if you turn the handheld around:
 Belkin Light Stylus review
The battery can theoretically be exchanged, altough I never saw the model before. The tip of the battery can be used as reset pin:
 Belkin Light Stylus review
Overall, this can come in handy. The mechanics are good, and the light is bright. Belkin did a good job in regards to handheld compatibility-you can replace most handheld’s styli with it! If you use your WristPDA much, this stylus definitly is worth its price!

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