Before you place the order for Boxwave’s FlexiSkin case (which I reviewed last week), consider their stylus as well. Styra is a stylus that provides you with additional conveniences that are essential for the real world. This Stylus has a unique pen cover; the removable cap can be snapped onto the stylus.
 Boxwave Styra for Zire 72 review

It’s securely attached to the opposite end. The clear stylus tip is threaded into the metal body covering the reset pen. The black pen cap snaps off and on with little effort, but stays put.
 Boxwave Styra for Zire 72 review

The Styra features a ballpoint pen, an integrated reset tool, and a very durable construction.

Although the stylus tip itself is small enough to reset my Palm Zire 72, the sturdy metal reset tip will reset any PDA. The clear plastic stylus is a whole lot tougher than I had thought at first sight. The stylus fits into the appropriate slot perfectly.
 Boxwave Styra for Zire 72 review

All in all, this stylus offers well made construction, ink pen cap which snaps onto the clear stylus; model-specific fit; reset pin under the plastic tip. Boxwave made a quality stylus at an affordable price. I even threw out the Palm’s Zire 72 stylus and replaced it with this one.
Well done, Boxwave, well done.

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