Image viewers for the PalmOS were very popular back in the days of the Palm m505 et al. Nowadays, most people are happy with the integrated viewers. However, since photo viewers are still beeing developed, they must offer sth unique-lets look at AcidImage.

When you first start AcidImage, you are presented with a folder ‘list’. This list is rather uncomfortable to use, it looks like a file manager but bhehaves differently. The thumbnailed view is essentially the same thing, but it is rather slow(the crashes we experienced were related to a damaged memory card):
 AcidImage the review
Once you managed to select a folder of images(woo-hoo), the impression immediately changes. You have a list of different views that all work very well. Photo roll mode lets you look at one image at a time, list of 4 mode shows a few files alongside with their names, 28 mode shows a load of tiny thumbnails and file list behaves like FileZ. You can move/rename/delete/foo files in a few of the modes by the way-so, direct image manipulation is no problem:
 AcidImage the review  AcidImage the review  AcidImage the review  AcidImage the review
If you click on an image, AcidImage opens it in ‘view mode’. In this mode, you can zoom in or out on the image and rotate it to suit your liking:
 AcidImage the review  AcidImage the review  AcidImage the review
You can also rezize images on the go-handy for creating thumbnails et al. You can create JPEG’s out of just about every other image format, however, the limitation to a few fixed sizes is annoying:
 AcidImage the review
A slideshow mode is included too. It does not support anything special, but does a good job at showing a gang of images:
 AcidImage the review
AcidImage supports the following file formats:

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPG

AcidImage manages to ‘steal’ the jpeg association from Palm Photos. This way, you can receive jpeg files and directly save them to a memory card:
 AcidImage the review
Overall, AcidImage is a good and fast(once started) image viewer. The problematic file list is a big minus, but the remaining features can smoothen that up. The receive capability is a great feature that saves you hundreds of clicks if you use your Palm as an image tank for your camera phone.

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2 Responses to “AcidImage-the review”

  1. I’ve been using AcidImage for years now and I still think it’s a fast no-nonsense image viewer. Just copy your photos to your memorycard, use normal PC-directorys to group them and you can find all your photos in a few seconds. Perfect.
    I also have a licence for SplashPhoto but the last time I’ve used it it didn’t work with directorys, all photos in one map, very messy.

  2. Hi edwin,
    once you manage to get used to the interface, it indeed is. The decoding works flawlessly, et al.

    I currently test other image viewers that sometimes even have a better UI-but overall, AcidImage still looks pretty good because of the flawless decoding and the resizer,…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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