Once a year the German Palm site Nexave organises an event for all Palm users of Germany: the Palm User Meeting (PUM). It traditionally takes place in Hannover at Friday of the week when the Cebit opens. This year, I was there.

The PUM is a great opportunity to meet and talk to other Palm users one only knows from other places like forums or chats. There is a lottery, too, where the participants can win handhelds, accesoires and software. Mr. Weiss from Palm Germany brought some TEs, a LifeDrive and a T5. For the first time there also was a “modding contest”: the users who modded their handhelds could show them and win a price for it. The black and white painted Zodiac won the first price:

112014974 a26ec715dc m PUM   The German Palm User Meeting

Overall, it was a nice event. Thanks to Nexave and all the sponsors! I hope I can be there next year, too….

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