I have been keeping in touch with the MantraGroup developers as they continue to work on the MobiVoIP software which will allow Palm OS users to make VoIP calls. See the full beta review here.

Also, your can review the product yourself and become one of the beta testers! Click here! All calls are completely free for beta testers, but please give MantraGroup as much feedback as possible using their forums here.

voip2 MobiVoIP Update

Here’s the responses regarding the status of the software:

Brock: What is the status of MobiVoIP?

MobiVoIP: “There was an update on mobiVoIP from the development team which sniffs new incoming calls in the background ie. when you are in Contacts, Browser etc. QA is still working on it”

Brock: What is the news regarding the upcoming release?

MobiVoIP: “MobiVoIP is fairly a very big app which took us over an year to develop and we are just giving it a little more time to check its stability before we release it. We want all our apps to be rock solid at least when they go out (released).”

“As a side note, we have beta released mobiLock and there is one more app coming up built on VoIP architecture. However, you will not see any action till mobiVoIP is released and dust settled.”

MantraGroup has a number of great applications under their sleeves that we should see very soon. I have been blown away by how professional this company is regarding its quality of software, and its excellent communication.

**MantraGroup also has a very nice messenging program out named Causerie Messenger I will be doing a full review of this product very soon.


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3 Responses to “MobiVoIP Update”

  1. Hey Henk. The MantraGroup developers check this site often, and I am sure they will see your suggestion. To contact them more directly, there is this site… http://www.mobivoip.net/feedback.php which sends them your feedback. Thanks for commenting!


  2. Hi,

    could you ask MobiVoIP not to misuse modal forms? The blue corners are more than annoying and there isn’t any reason to do it.


  3. Hi Henk,

    We used modal form to get the default 5-way navigation on the form – we will fix it in future versions.

    Dev Team.

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