I searched at Google and other sites for a free RSS reader. RSS feeds are files in a special format (XML) that usually contain news. For example, a news site can load such a RSS file on its server which is updated every three hours and you can download on your device. You can open HTML news sites with your Palm, but this can take much time and traffic (=money). RSS feeds are platform-independent, small and contain plain-text. You can download a feed within seconds.

There are some RSS programs for Palm, but none of them is free. There is an app called “tRSS” at Freewarepalm.com, but it’s in early alpha / beta stage, J2ME and needs an old JavaVM (Sun). So I looked for another J2ME alternative. J2ME is usually used in mobile phones for games or apps, but with IBM WebSphere Environment you can run these apps on PalmOS, too.

I found an app called “RSS Reader”. It supports multiple feeds, offline viewing, multiple fonts and much more. It doesn’t support so much features like commercial PalmOS RSS apps but not everybody needs a perfect app, perhaps you will like it:

rssreader J2ME   FREE RSS feed reader for your Palm

You can download this version – converted for PalmOS + JavaVM and with the Firefox RSS icon – exclusively here at TamsPalm:

To get this running, you need the IBM Java VM, which you can download here.

Remember, this is J2ME and the handling may be a little bit different from what you know as standard PalmOS apps. But all features should work.

What do you think? If you have questions, problems, etc. feel free to post them here.

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9 Responses to “J2ME – FREE RSS feed reader for your Palm”

  1. I have down load the IBM J2m2, the installation ask for the url,

    I type the above two links, it came back with
    “The application descriptor was missing the required MIDlet name field.
    Please give me advice what to do next.

    by the way my palm is T/X model

  2. what the heck is this, a joke?
    i installed it, it starts and only updates rss feed, but there is no way to read them.

    people, don’t bother, this doesn’t work!

  3. I previously tried to use this app on my Palm T|X. It looked incredibly promising, then – like half the other apps I’ve tried – crash after crash. If anyone has suggestions as to why this happens, please clue us in!

  4. I can’t confirm this. It works well on my Tungsten C. I can read every feed, and I didn’t have a single crash. Perhaps it works better when you update your IBM WebSphere Java VM?

  5. I also couldn’t get it to work correctly some time back on my TX, but I found an alternative. NewsCopier from http://www.maximumsoft.com works very well and is also Java-based.

  6. Hi,
    to be honest, I use Resco Neeews all the time…

    IMHO, its still the best option…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  7. Works excellent on my Treo. Amazing work, and thankss!

  8. Download link to Java VM is 404′d, won’t work.

  9. Hi Kilo,
    Palm has long taken the VM offline unfortunately!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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