PowerPoint is a very popular overhead replacement. Over time, many applications were designed that allowed speakers to control slide-changes remotely. Wagware’s LibertyControl makes your bluetooth capable handheld your PowerPoint remote control!

The first step is installing the desktop application on the computer that you wish to control. This is not a particularily difficult thing to do.

After that, a 1200k application is instalced to your handheld. This is a pretty big chunk, but the program works from an SD card or memory stick. The next step in the LibertyControl livecycle involves connecting to the desktop with the mobile client.

Once the connection is established, you can already begin controlling your presentation. This 3gp video shows how the process works.

The program can also remote control internet explorer and Windows media player. This can also come in handy…

Overall, LibertyControl is a great thing to have if you present a lot! Dedicated remote control usually costs much more and does less-as said, check it out. A free trial is available, so there is no risk involved.

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2 Responses to “Wagware LibertyControl review”

  1. Uhm, Salling clicker anyone?

  2. Hi,
    isnt that for the Mac?
    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

    P.s. Yeah, I know VNC! But it is a bit difficult to control a PowerPoint presentation over a VNC link…

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