We reported about how the Windows XP bluetooth stack does not support the integrated Internet Connection Sharing(ICS) when it is sitting on the “server” side:


However, I now installed BlueSoleil on the server side of the game, and banished the Windows XP SP2 stack onto the notebook. And alas, the internet connection sharing now works very well. In fact, these lines are written in a garden in Vomp, Tyrol – with just a bluetooth connection…

So, when you want to use ICS over a bluetooth connection, forget using the Windows XP SP2 bluetooth stack. And BTW; you can install another stack over the existing one easily!

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6 Responses to “Bluetooth ICS-it works with BlueSoleil”

  1. Hi,

    I have a PC w/ XP Pro SP2 which has an Internet access via LAN. I also have a PC w/ XP Media Center Ed. (SP2) which I’m trying to give access to the Internet via the first PC.

    I tried *everything* I could invent (the embedded OS stack, Bluesoleil 1.6, and Bluesoleil 2.1) but nothing worked. The network on the Media Center PC is (obviusly) up and running, but there are very few “received” packets and no Internet. Although, when I click “repair” all procedures pass successfully!

    Btw, any ideas for alternatives of Bluesoleil? Maybe Widcomm — but where I can download a copy of it?

    Yes, I got here by googling about the problem.

    – Georgi, http://www.smilyanov.net

  2. Hi,
    did you check the Internet connection sharing checkbox on the host PC’s bluetooth network interface? You need to have the BlueSoleil on the host, not the client.

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. how can i enable internet sharing on the bluesoleil installed on the server with direct dial up internet connection. it seems there’s only support for lan access and no tcp/ip gateway for network access. any steps to take please

  4. Hi,
    use the LAN access profile’s sub-options.

    I am not at a BlueSoleil station now and thus cant tell you the exact option name, but its in the Properties of the LAN Access Profile AFAIK.

    Or maybe its the Personal Network component…as said, no idea atm.

    Tam Hanna

  5. hi,

    try to use ics software such as “Winroute Pro”, “Sygate”, “BlueNAT” and “Internet Gateway 6.0″…

  6. your ic’s ara very good

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