Some months ago the Opera Petition was started because Palm users wanted Opera on their Palm. Many sites wrote about that, but Opera didn’t react. Then they published Opera Mini for mobile phones, and with IBM WebSphere Java VM it worked fine on Palm OS.

Now 2000 signed the petiton. Opera hasn’t reacted yet.

So what do you think? Is Opera Mini enough? Will Opera release a version for Palm OS?

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6 Responses to “2000 users signed the Opera Petition – no results yet”

  1. I’d really hope they release a proper version for the Palm…

    I personally do not like installing IBM Websphere… had a hard time with it the last time I did that, just to try out Opera Mini… :P

  2. I think 2000 users are not enough to make opera change their mind. Furthermore, and most importantly, I guess palmOne must make up its mind and come through with a plan for the future; which OS will they use? Unless that is clearified, development of new software will halt, who wants to make software for an OS which might be outdated in a year? Me, no-even if there is a 2000000 user base.

  3. XCool, the main problem of IBM WebSphere is the memory it needs. So if you have enough free memory its not a problem. Several people reported that it couldn’t be installed from the card, I can confirm this, but I don’t know why…

    Amdyou don’t need it only for Opera, but for some other interesting tools, e. g. the free RSS reader I wrote about (other apps will follow ;) )

    CroCo, that’s a good argument. I’m afraid that it’s too late for Opera…


  4. A java based version would be fine IF palm had a proper JVM. The IBM websphere thing is atrocious. Not only is not not very efficient, but it also lacks some of the newer extensions.

    Why Palm doesn’t have a good JVM that is well integrated in the OS and hardware like so many others?
    That’s just one of those questions…

  5. Was an Opera Version for the Palm ever released?

  6. Hello,
    sorry to disappoint you, but nope…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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