Recently, fake reports surfaced about how F-Secure recently announced that it had found a Series 60 virus that sent out SMS for cash AND distributed itself via bluetooth! However, this rumor is false-while there are virii that can do both things, none combined the two so far!

F-Secure really has a pretty good look on mobile virii, they now reported that the count of virii has increased to 200 over the last half year. The growth chart looks really interesting, I wonder if they included the four nonexistant PalmOS virii to the list’s data source!

Last but not least, Greg Daub from McAfee made a really interesting interview where he said that mobile phone operators will not act until the first virus manages a large-scale attack. The virii that are out there currently are only “proofs of concept” in his oppinion, dealing little to no(but they are in the wild, so …) damage to users.

Overall, this closes the coverage of mobile pests for now. The show will go on, so bets are accepted. How do you think that this will end?

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