I always wondered why no programmer uses FontBucket from HandsHigh software-as far as I can recall, the program always worked pretty well and actually was prety fast. Anyways, BinaryClock will use FontBucket from now on-so, lets try to get it running in PODS.

Step 1-Download FontBucket
As if that wasn’t clear-you need FontBucket files to run FontBucket. You can download the files from the HandsHigh web site.

Step 2-Add the files to the PODS project
This is also pretty straight-forward. Create a subdirectory called FontBucket, and then import the FontBucket.c and FontBucket.h files into the program.

Step 3-Change the include paths
The include paths in the files were designated for CodeWarrior-PODS requires a different path layout. The code given below is intended for the files beeing placed in /src/fontbucket; you may need to change them if you place your files somewhere else.

#include "ErrorBase.h"


#include #include #include "FontBucket.h"

Step 4-Add the glue library
OK; the files now are included and everything, but the compile will end with Error 0. If you look at the console, you will find the following report:

src/fontbucket/FontBucket.o(.text+0x26a):FontBucket.c: undefined reference to `FntGlueGetDefaultFontID’
src/fontbucket/FontBucket.o(.text+0x7b6):FontBucket.c: undefined reference to `FntGlueGetDefaultFontID’

OK; the program still lacks the object code part of the Palm OS Glue Library. So, do the steps given below to get it up and running:
Glue Library for PODS

Now, your program will compile with FontBucket included. Stay tuned for an article covering usage-and BinaryClock users, look forward to truetype fonts!

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10 Responses to “Compiling FontBucket with PODS 1.2”

  1. MeisterMerker uses FontBucket to show custom fonts in foreign encoding (like polish, russian etc.)

  2. Hi Henk,
    but many developers who yould benefit from FontBucket still don’t use it. For example, tejpWriter, DocsToGo or Plucker…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. I got the message! ;-)

  4. To be honest, I had a look at FontBucket when I started with tejpWriter, but I found the quality of the fonts available (even the Times New Roman HR) at the download page so poor that I dropped it. tejpWriter already compiles with FontBucket. What I have to do is to adapt tW’s code to it.
    Does generated True Type look better? If it does, I *will* make the adaptations, otherwise I don’t know.

  5. Hi Peter,
    I am still integrating into BinaryClock, but since you have BInaryClock anyways, you will feel it soon=).

    Other than that, how did you get the Glue Library compiling under OBC? You may want to write about that on TamsPalm =).

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  6. Hi Henk,

    We are just implementing FontBucket Support to SrcEdit. It’s has not really been as easy as you would like it to sound as..
    Please contact me, and join us trying to finish this task.

    Best Regards
    John Wilund

  7. John, I’ll have a look. It’s more than 2 years ago as I added support for it into MeisterMerker.

    About TrueType or PS1-fonts: you might check the freetype library which I’ve ported for PalmPDF. If you don’t dare to write your own code for managing characters on the screen, the freetype lib can extract you the glyphs, even antialiased for any TrueType or PS1-font.

  8. John Wilund: can you send me an email, I don’t know how to contribute or such. Do you have an IRC channel (ICQ, AIM…) or such?


  9. Henk,

    Please visit us at irc://irc.freenode.net/SrcEdit


  10. Hi,
    I now have FontBucket working with BinaryClock..and dont have any real issues with it.

    Expect a post with loads of info soon!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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