Micro hotsync cables are very handy, as they save you a lot of storage space in your jacket pocket,… . Since those cables exist for, um, almost every system, finding them usually is no problem either. However, the world looks different for the WristPDA, as none are available for it..

However, Alexander Panek and I discussed the problem at a Burger King, and suddenly, we had the idea. The WristPDA has a Mini USB port just like the E, so why not plug sth for the E in. And alas, it worked:
 Boxwave MiniSync for WristPDA (aka Tungsten E)
The MiniSync with Charger is very small and can be carried around easily. This image shows it next to a Tungsten E2 and a Tungsten T3:
 Boxwave MiniSync for WristPDA (aka Tungsten E)  Boxwave MiniSync for WristPDA (aka Tungsten E)
It can be expanded in 5 steps. Compacting it again is pretty easy as well, you just need to pull both ends simultaneously and then let them loose. Failure to pull both ends simultaneously ruins the device, so better be warned though! The length steps are:

Docking the WristPDA to it is no problem, the machine starts charging immediately. The charging rate is exactly what you expect from an USB-Only charger-the MiniSync obviously cant perform the voltage peak a WristPDA needs for full speed charging without frying attached TE’s.
 Boxwave MiniSync for WristPDA (aka Tungsten E)
The lack of a hotsync-capable machine made further testing impossible, but the WristPDA was able to “bug” a Windows XP machine so far that it asked for drivers. So, communication should be possible as well.

Overall, this thing comes in handy when you are on the go. The cable that ships with the WristPDA is way to long and bulky to carry it around comfortably with your notebook-the MiniSync is much smaller and can be taken almost everywhere. The mechanics feel very well, it looks as if the MiniSync will survive quite a few cycles. To cut a long story short- a must have if you travel around much!

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