The developers at MotionApps have an interesting software program called Mdesk Pro. It’s purpose is to bridge the gap between your computer and your PDA. It brings up a screenshot on your computer of what your PDA’s screen looks like. Then, you can use your computer’s mouse and keyboard to do editing directly on your Palm.

mdesk1T Mdesk Pro Review

On the positive side of things, the program’s graphical design is quite nice. The option to load different skins gives you the exact look you desire. It comes preloaded with 6 different skins: The different versions of the Treo, Tungsten T3, and a Zire31. The program also gives you the ability to choose one of three sizes for the on screen PDA.
mdesk2T Mdesk Pro Review

By far the best feature is a launch menu that pops up when you hold the left control and do a right click. Depending on your amount of apps, the list that pops up could be rather lengthy, but it is sorted alphabetically which makes it much easier to navigate.

On the negative side of things, the programs response time seems rather slow. I contacted the developer, and he said this commonly occurs due to a difficulty with the USB drivers in Palms which causes the PC to PDA communication to be restricted to a USB 1.1 speed. However, I have used other programs that have a much better response time and do not seem to struggle with this issue.

Overall, an interesting program. A little overpriced, but if they fixed the response time they would have a quality program.


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