Many people permanentely bicker about how Palm OS handhelds lack true type font support. Indeed, most Palm OS programs lack font support-but FontBucket actually does a pretty good job. Here are a few samples from a beta of BinaryClock for Palm OS with FontBucket support:

Comic sans MS
 A look at FontBucket
 A look at FontBucket

Times new Roman
 A look at FontBucket
 A look at FontBucket

 A look at FontBucket
 A look at FontBucket

As you can see, the fonts look very smooth even on OS5 handhelds, the high resolution of the screen is supported!

Should you experience pixelated fonts, exchanging the font files will help. Most font files that float around the internet currently are not OS5 optimized, and thus render badly….

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4 Responses to “A look at FontBucket”

  1. It is good that fontbucket is the main ttf container of palmOS. I don´t see the point why mobisystems has their own ttf for their office suite. Luckily for users, they were foresighted enough to include fontbucket support- unfortunately it seems only to work when no mobisys ttfs are installed.
    ONE issue with fondbucket usability I have is, that it is annoying to delete fonts. You have to delete each font at a time since the app lacks multiple object selection. Therefore the categories are also nonsense, who goes through one font at a time and changes the category? doesn´t even seem to be necessary for anything at all to have categories for fonts.
    Well it´s freeware so I shouldn´t b***h :-)

  2. FontBucket is not a replacement for a real font-glyph-engine. When you write a word processing you will need a real font engine, which allows you to get the single glyph in any size and style. FontBucket can’t do it. That’s why you get another TTF-engine (FreeType) with PalmPDF for example.

  3. Thanks Henk. Then it would be great if the palmOS developer society could move on to real font-glyph-engine, or if such an engine could be incooperated into the next palmOS-whatever it may be and wherever it may come from.

  4. PalmOS 6 has a TTF-engine.

    A dynamic link library with a font engine wouldn’t be such a good idea, as for instance PalmPDF is 90% ARM code and you can not call an ARM library from ARM code. Even a callback to the m68k site doesn’t work. That’s the reason PalmPDF also incorporates jpeg_lib code, as I couldn’t call the pnoJpeg_lib from PalmPDF. And a font engine in m68k is just too slow.

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