Using FontBucket with OnBoardC

Thanks to Peter MoƱko, the author of TBmpEdit, it is very easy to compile FontBucket with OnBoardC. The files: FontBucket.c and FontBucket.h are totally free standing, and therefore do not need to call for example FnGlue.

This is all you have to do:

1. Add FontBucket.c to the project file list.
2. Include FontBucket.h in the files calling it.
3. Create three string resources containing:

string_resource RESOURCE_ID="9500"
text "System" /text

string_resource RESOURCE_ID="9504"
text "VGA Font Name" /text

string_resource RESOURCE_ID="9550"
text "Bold" /text

You can IMHO leave the resources out, but the Palm will then behave uncontrollably when the app runs without having FontBucket installs.

The files can be downloaded here:

That’s it! FontBucket is now part of your project. Now you need to use the FontBucket functions to make it work the way you want it to.

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