There is a new Opera mini version which supports HiRes and is stable:

Opera still recommends the basic version for T3, and the advanced one for TC and Treo 650. Other devices aren’t listed. But perhaps you want to test the advanced version on your T3 (the only difference is imho the UI; the basic version supports small screens with 128×128 px).

Please write us which device you use and which version works.

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6 Responses to “Opera Mini Update”

  1. Can you please tell us if it works stand-alone or if it requires a JVM?

  2. It requires Java…

  3. The Advanced version works fine on my TX.

  4. Hi eugenia,
    concretely, it needs the IBM Websphere Environment for Palm OS. It should be downloadable from PalmOne somewhere…

    Best rergards
    Tam Hanna

  5. I just downloaded the advanced version and am testing it on my T3… so far one crash (that’s due to the T3 status bug)… and it is freezing now as I type this… :(

  6. Hi,
    but the comment made it through=).

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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