Yester I downloaded the Treo 700p simulator. I noticed that there are a lot of changes in many apps.

First a list of common apps and their versions:

  • Bluetooth v.2.0(W)
  • Bluetooth v.5.2
  • Calendar v.1.3.1
  • Contacts v.1.3.1
  • Documents (with PDF) v.8.001
  • Email (VersaMail) v.3.5.1
  • FAT32 v.548.0
  • Memos v.1.3.1
  • Messaging v.2.5
  • NetFrontLib v.2.0
  • Pics & Videos (Media) v.
  • Player v.1.0.1a11
  • Tasks v.1.3.1
  • VoicePad v.1.4
  • Web (Blazer) v.4.5

In the next part we will write about important changes in Media, VersaMail, Blazer and so on.

Please tell us your meaning!

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2 Responses to “Treo 700p software – part 1”

  1. Any chance of mailing me a copy Blazer ^_^

  2. Weird… why isn’t DTG the latest version, v8.003? It came out quite some time ago…

  3. hi… I was hoping someone would help me. I need some way of uploading pictures from my treo 700p to my online albums… anyone knows??

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