BinaryClock 2.0 basically is ready and will be released soon-so its time to cover some extra details of the compile process.

We covered preparational steps for PODS(FontBucket for PODS) and for OnBoardC(FontBucket for OnBoardC). You might also wish to fix a bug in FontBucket.c before reading this-because we get our hands dirty now!

The .h files that ships with the program blasts PODS with an Error 1 whenn included into an arbitary file-you need to remove a bit of code to get the stuff compiling-the modified file is online here.

The .r file that ships woith FontBucket contains three string resources that you need to add to your xrd file manually-they are:

string_resource RESOURCE_ID="9500"
text "System" /text

string_resource RESOURCE_ID="9504"
text "VGA Font Name" /text

string_resource RESOURCE_ID="9550"
text "Bold" /text

Define a global Fontbucket reference type. This type gets initialized when FontBucket is opened and needs to be untouched until FontBucket is closed(so, a global variable is best):

FmType fontbucket;

You must open FontBucket before using it. The opening code looks like this:

FmInit(&fontbucket, kDefaultFontStart,kDefaultFontMax, false);

You can close FontBucket with the following call. It also closes all open fonts(altough it will return an error)-so this is the one and only call that you need to call before closing your app:


Tune in soon for details on how to use FontBucket!

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