tejpWriter is one of my favourite text editors for the Palm OS. It is fast, free and has loads of funky features. Version 3.0 was a strike of genious(tejpWriter 3.0 review), and version 3.01 was a maintenance release. But Peter Thorstenson probably still didn’t read The Art of beta testing :-) . He just released version 3.02 of tejpWriter with a minor fix. As always, lets quote him:

Only after having released tW v3.01, I remembered to test it in my old T|T.
Of course, I found a bug in the Toolbar skin update. So, if you have
problems when swithing between skins, install v 3.02. Otherwise no need to
do anything.

So, now I’ve learned: Never test after releasing! ;-)

Just in case the program’s homepage ever goes down, we archived version 3.02 here.

What editor runs on your Palm OS handheld?

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