About two and a half months have passed since I received my Fossil FX5008 WristPDA from David Zucker(thank you, buddy). Here are answers to a few questions that readers sent in:

Do you wear it as a watch every day?
To be perfectly honest, I wear it about 25% of the time. I never really was a watch person, so the milage that the WristPDA gets is actually very high. However, you should add in that it is empty 50% of the time I carry it around!

What apps do you run on it
Um, the built in ones. I sometimes use the WristPDA as a handy little calculator, and of course as a watch. The integrated watch faces to a very good job for me btw, so no extra software on the machine!

However, text entry or longer work is a real pain, as the screen is way to small and has a very weak contrast! In fact, the WristPDA didnt even get HotSynced yet! Ah, and I played The Prison on it once!

How is the screen
Dim, rather bad contrast. It is pretty usable, but you shouldnt put one of your homemade screen protectors on it…

Would you purchase it again
At 60$, probably yes. The watch is a funky acceccoire to show off at parties and um, having a computer on your wrist is just insane.

What mileage did you get out of your WristPDA?

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5 Responses to “Quo vadis, WristPDA”

  1. So far I want to use it for diet records and grocery lists, in the To Do list – I mark shopping tasks “done” and then keep them on for when I want to buy the same product again, and I divide the supermarket into 4 zones and the household into 4 zones too – I manually sort the outstanding tasks into the appropriate order.

    The diet program is on, the shopping list isn’t generated yet – but that’s how I was using Palm Zire.

    Maybe a super exercise program controller – if I wanted to undertake a super exercise program. Cycling against the clock on a relatively convenient, fairly peaceful track is as far as I’ve gone with that recently. Various products are sold for this.

    I found a diet control wouldn’t be used if you didn’t take it into the kitchen with you.

    I can’t summon the onscreen keyboard over the diet program, and anyway it’s too small, like everything else – nevertheless, it seems that VirtualKB should work with any customisation if you can compile a PDB from a makelist. I did this once but I’ve lost the pieces. I don’t know if you want to play this.

    I think a cocktail stick, maybe a plastic one, would be a better stylus. Maybe it would be best to buy a box, since they’ll probably be lost regularly, or just wear blunt.

    Several programs tried, of varying utility, don’t work, such as “GreenLightHack” from the older Palms to activate the reverse-screen toggle when the backlight is on – I don’t know if I’d enjoy the effect but it would be nice to try it. FlipHack didn’t work; I have no immediate need for it. Fitaly didn’t work; “Fatal Exception”. Aargh! And getting a decent clock with a large seconds display seems to be quite hard, but I haven’t tried them all yet. On the Zire, I used ScrSaver as my personal timepiece, and it runs on WristPDA but it eats the battery – the Zire lasted a day at a time. Even ScrSaver’s clock looks small on WristPDA.

    Oh, and I played Minesweeper, but I really need to shop for those cocktail sticks.

  2. Hi there,

    My Abacus does not charge. After a month or so the built in battery started weakening and finally died. Since then the watch only works when plugged in to charge from USB or wall outlet.

    I ordered replacement batteries from batteryspace.com as someone posted the watch will work with. Those are rectangular, and store a little less power (150 mAh only).

    Unfortunately neither did work. The first one was running for an hour or so, while the display indicated charging (though it was on my wrist). When I plugged in to recharge, the watch did not take it, istead the battery got blown up big like a luftballoon. The second one did the same but without being operabele for a minute. It was all the time possible to use the watch on external power.

    I suspect some apps harmed the system (charger application). Or something might happened to the hardware…

    My residence is in Hungary, shipping to the workshop is not cheap. All my beloved apps from PalmVx and Sony Clié runned on my wrist, I miss Especially my Plucker documents (www.plkr.org).

    I would appreciate any comments and suggestions especially at:

    MY MOBILE CHARHGING idea: (components are available in hobby shops for approx 1 Euro each, I built one and it works fine)

    -Battery holder for 4xAA (or AAA)
    -mini USB plug
    -soldering tin and pistol

    The watch goes into my pocket, together with the external pack for a short time. It charges. The wall charger says it uses 6 Volts, though the USB gives only 5 Volts. The watch must regulate it to the needs of the battery.

    So it is good to charge from 4×1,5 or 6×1,2 volts battery packs.

    Please solder the two wires of the battery holder to the pins of the mini USB plug. Mind the polarity and pinout (please refer to the Net).

    You can use rechargeable AA or AAA batteries, but then you may need six of them. Rechargeables have lower general voltage, and start DROPPING from 1,2 V. Battery holders are available for “sixpack” as well.

    If mini USB plug is not available then buy the cheapest memory card reader for approx 10 Euros, and you got one – already wired.

    You may solder another or more type of plugs onto the same wire in case you have different types of external battery packs to use.

    I.e. my watch has a dead battery inside, only runs on external power. If the battery pack is getting veaker, I need to plug it into another battery pack before I replace them (to prevent data loss).

    I also have a mechanical mobile charger for my Nokia that uses a dinamo (you roll a lever around to charge a bit to see your SMS). I soldered a Nokia-size charger plug (20 Euro cents), that goes into that roller-charger, and it runs my Abacus.



  3. Hi,
    good ideas here all of you!

    About the charger pack: why not use a voltage regulator maybe? This would stabilize the 6v as the batteries get weaker…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  4. Hi. Just saw your page linked at the Yahoo group (which I haven’t been by for a long time). I guess I’ll answer these questions myself.

    Do you wear it as a watch every day?

    Yes. I very rarely use another watch (only on the rare occasion that I really need something water resistant). I always have a watch with me, which is why I bought this one, so I’d also have a PDA with me always.

    What apps do you run on it?

    I use the address book mainly. I use the memo pad to make note sometimes. I also have Mobipocket installed, mainly so that I could have a dictionary on my wrist. I use that occasionally.

    How is the screen?

    Better once I increased the contrast in the prefs. Still, I agree about the visibility problem in dim light.

    Would you purchase it again?

    Wish I could… Pity they’re no longer made. Anyway, was it worth the $150 or so? Yes and no. Yes, because it’s a gadget geek’s best watch. It’s attention getting, and even people who aren’t gadget geeks seem to like it. It’s useful to have a PDA on your wrist. I certainly don’t think it was a waste of money. On the other hand, it’s somewhat technically flawed (weak battery, rocker got loose after a couple of months) and is pretty bad as a watch (no watch apps bundled, like alarm; no seconds). I used to wear Casio digital watches, and they’re much more functional as watches.

    BTW, I think that the lack of watch functionality is what doomed this watch. Well, that and the initial high price and the battery. For $80 I think it’d have appealed to people just looking for a watch, if it had some good watch functionality, with PDA functionality as a bonus. But since it’s not a good watch, and not a great PDA, either, because of physical limitations, it just didn’t have a real market.

    Anyway, for $50 I’d buy this watch again. I’m sorry I haven’t bought another one for this price when I could, because I’m sure it won’t last forever, and there’s nothing equal to it to replace it with.

  5. -yes I wear it every Day (its my only PDA). I never used another PDA that much, because this is the only one , which is realy ‘ad hand’ every time.

    -mainly the calendar to remind me for things I have to do. And with one touch time to get me pizza that isn’t coal allready.

    -same screen problem as all the other guys.

    -for up to 150$ yes. up to 200, if its waterproof and has my battery extension and a slower CPU (bcause the Display driver chip is evern the slowest part, but fast enought)

    -my battery extension, see:

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