Going multi-screen is a very common trend among programmers(as used CRT prices fall, no LCD for me if I can avoid it). Many of us have two, and plan for getting a third. However, PODS usually cannot go multiwindow and thus cannot go multi-monitor. That is, unless you are a TamsPalm reader.

Clicking Window->New Window will open a new, second windows that is on the same view as the current one. However, all editor tabs are closed. The second window can then be moved to wherever you wish it to be(its really comfortable with the NVIDIA tools, that is if you have an NVIDIA card as primary aka gaming one).

The two windows are permanetly synchronized with one another. So, if you open a file in both of them and change it in one of them, the changes are automatically reflected on the other screen. That is true multimonitor action…finally….

What do you think?

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  1. [...] My old programming box was a dual screen machine – and I almost always had PODS open on both screens in one sort or the other. When using the notebook, the Treo permanently runs Plucker displaying the API documentation. But when coding on the go with the Treo, I need a comfortable second screen – enter WristPDA. [...]

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