currently runs a nice blog resolution project, asking for reasons why people blog.

Anyways, TamsPalm is now online for one and a half year, and has done a pretty good job IMHO. So, lets use this opportunity to reflect about what went well and what could have worked better:

First of all, I started TamsPalm back in 2004 because I wanted to share my knowledge. In the place where I live, there are very few people interested in technology and even less people interested in Palm OS handhelds and smartphones. Over the years using my IIIc, I gathered up a lot of knowledge and felt that I should set this free for all of us to benefit-thats the reason why TamsPalm is no subscription service and why there is no subscription addon. Also, I see many things each day…ideas and riffs that I think others may be capable to benefit off, too. And that’s the reason why TamsPalm came into beeing!

When reflecting, one obviously needs to think of the authors first-I want to use this opportunity to thank each author(in no particular order!!!). Thank you, Alexander Gratz for beeing our WordPress genious, helping out moving TamsPalm, getting stuff working and just beeing there. Thank you, Brad Green for the cool scoops full of insider information interesting for each and every Palm OS enthusiast(can you still remember how we had the Z22 and Palm TX specs way in advance). Thank you, Brock Thompson for the great reviews of impressive products. Thank you, Thomas Busch for the cool reviews of Palm OS software-we would be nowhere without you! Thank you, David Zucker, for-um-beeing our TamsPalm mascot! Thank you Mitchell Rusk, … for being a part of the experience!

Thanks also go out to the folks who link to us, your links are very appreciated. We also are much obliged to the companies that provide us with review samples, we wouldn’t be where we are now without you all. Thanks also go out to all the sites whos’e content we link to every day!

Last but not least(this is getting sort of long =) ), we thank each and every reader! Without your comments and your visits, this Palm OS site would be nowhere! Lets all stick together and lets make this a place where every Palm OS developer/user, programmer, IT freak, thinking person feels home!

Your Tam Hanna!

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6 Responses to “Why TamsPalm is TamsPalm”

  1. You are most welcome! ;-)

    (You DID thanks your readers)

  2. yes, it is great to share knowledge and information about hand held computers.

    As an owner of Palm T, T3, and LifeDrive, plus Archos PMA 430.

    I look for good information on Palm hand held computers. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi,
    I am happy that you all enjoy your stay!

    BTW, why shouldn’t I thank you all? You visit TP every day, and leave loads of comments that make all of us wiser!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  4. Helping others is a very strong motivation, because people that need help will never run out from this world. Best of luck with smartphones.

  5. Hi Jarkko,
    thank you for the kind words!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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