People who use in-ear headphones know the problem for sure: over time, the cables break at the connector because of mechanical stress that occurs in transportation. You “roll up” the cables somehow, and this definitely isn’t good for them. ThinkGeek’s Tetran Cable Winder finally lets you do something to protect your headphones.

Our Tetran Cable Winder shipped in a blister, which was packed up in a small box. The winder is available in different versions, we were given a green one:
inbox Tetran Cable Winder review bfront Tetran Cable Winder review bback Tetran Cable Winder review

When unpacked, you immediately note that the Tetran Cable Winder is very similar to the massage balls that were popular in Austria a few years ago-the manufacturer claims that it can be used as a massage ball, but this isn’t subject of this review. The thing is perfectly round(except for the spikes)-here are a few images:
front Tetran Cable Winder review back Tetran Cable Winder review sizecomp Tetran Cable Winder review

One spike contains a removable keychain btw-you could theoretically attach the Tetran to your keychain, although I wouldn’t do that because the keys would probably damage the headphone cables.

Storing headphones in the winder is simple-you stick the ‘buds’ into the “Mouth” of the winder, and then roll the cables across the spikes:
step1 Tetran Cable Winder review step2 Tetran Cable Winder review

Overall, investing 11.99$(the ThinkGeek price, the manufacturer TuneWear charges you 12.99) to protect the 5$ headphones that came with your micro radio definitely doesn’t pay out. However, when using expensive(or very good) headphones, every bit of protection directly pays out in terms of longer usage times-if you have Shure buds, this thingy is a must have. This cable winder looks pretty funky and does its job very well-little to add here!

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