Recently, I had a long discussion with David Zucker about whether a Treo 650 or a SideKick 2 is the better smartphone. The discussion was long and heated, but we got no useful end result.

After that, I suddenly had an idea. Why do we compare two machines that are completely different. The Treo 650 is a mobile workstation, while the Sidekick 2 is a mobile multimedia machine. The Treo 650 aims to mobilize your business, while the Sidekick 2 is a “chic acceccoire” with little business value.

Of course, everybody now demands a machine that can do both-mobilize your business and be a multimedia toy. But the question is if this is desired-we don’t want a machine that does everything actually. A camera-armed machine with a loud stereo speaker system and a microphone probably isn’t gonna be very popular in an area where it is prohibited to record movies or audio(like at a prototype presentation). On the other hand, a big keyboard is totally useless when doing multimedia-it’s only in the way, gets pressed accidentaly, etc.

Overall, a do-it-all machine is a very interesting idea-but the question is if one really wants it. As said, a do-it-all machine can do everything, but it doesn’t do most of that well. A single-tasker can, in comparison, do less things, but does those really well!.

It is a matter of choice-what do you wish for?

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2 Responses to “On comparing apples and pears”

  1. Is one device better than two or three…

    I own a Palm LifeDrive, great for business…

    I own a Archos PMA 430, great for mp3′s and video’s, use to record from cable TV channels. Play back mp3′s while driving. Waiting for train and riding train, watch TV, or music video’s.

    Have cell phone for phone no extras.

    I do not carry a laptop any more and have all three devices in my brief case.

    see url above

  2. Hi,
    similar with me, except that I carried different three devices(now that I have a notebook, hmm, I use itr only for programming):

    Cell Phone aka Digicam
    Tungsten T3
    Belkin Wireless Keyboard

    That kept me working fine, altough the huge notebook screen can come in handy every now and then.

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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