The PalmInfoCenter just dispatched a Palm Z22 loaner unit to my location for review. A review requires a load of time; so here are the first impresions of the package contents of this consumer-oriented device.

The Palm Z22 ships in a blister similar to the Palm Tungsten E2′s one. However, we didn’t get the full blister; we got just the box:
box1 First impressions of the Palm Z22 box2 First impressions of the Palm Z22 box3 First impressions of the Palm Z22

By the way, the box contains a little RFID tag – it can get annoying when entering a store:
rfid First impressions of the Palm Z22

The contained hardware mostly is standard Palm stuff. The charger that ships with the Z22 lacks the interchangeable wall plugs, and the hotsync cable has no hotsync button:
charger First impressions of the Palm Z22 usb First impressions of the Palm Z22

Palm ships a flexiskin-like housing with the Palm Z22:
housing First impressions of the Palm Z22

The really ineresting stuff however isn’t the hardware. Palm ships loads of paper along the Z22 – paper that made me think!

The first thing is the get started sheet. This is nothing new: but customers get a real poster this time:
poster1 First impressions of the Palm Z22 poster2 First impressions of the Palm Z22 poster3 First impressions of the Palm Z22

The addon mag contains ads for hardware(none that fits the Z22) and for software. The interesting thing is that many third party products are mentioned…
addonmag First impressions of the Palm Z22

The ‘mini manual’ is actually more than just a Palm manual – it also contains loads of hints on how to plan your life(no joke).
minimanual First impressions of the Palm Z22

Screen protector and Grafitti stickers – nothing new here:
scrstuff First impressions of the Palm Z22

Last but not least, here is a first photo of the Palm Z22:
z22 First impressions of the Palm Z22

Overall, one immediately sees that the Palm Z22 is targetted at end customers. Posters, a little book on how to organize yourself, a non-global charger – many things that save cash and won’t hurt an end consumer(while killing businessman acceptability). The machine didn’t power on yet – so, more news tomorrow!

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10 Responses to “First impressions of the Palm Z22”

  1. As a long time palm user (since 1997), I recently decided to ditch my TX. Why… ? to much fuzz (device is instable as hell, slow etc) and… even more important I decided what the purpose is of my PDA.

    The main purpose is a good stable and fast agenda application. Therefor I decided to buy me a Z22 and loaded it with DateBk5.

    I love the simplicity and the small form factor of the Z22. By far the best Palm invented in years

  2. Hi,
    for me, the lack of SD slot, MP3 player and maybe even Bluetooth make this a dealbreaker. Otherwise, I start to arrange with it more and more bc my T3 crashed in the morning today…

    Anyways, more will be online soon!
    Tam Hanna

  3. If the display was TFT 65K and bluetooth-enabled, I’d buy it.

  4. Hi,
    actually, the display isnt that bad….more on that soon!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  5. [...] The Palm Z22 – like most other recent Palm handhelds – shipped without a cradle. Brando, my favourite aftermarket cradle(Tungsten T5 cradle modified for E2 use) manufacturer attempted themselves at the impossible task of creating a cradle for a handheld with the sync port at the top…and they did a good job. [...]

  6. What? No SD slots and even bluetooth? I think this is where Palm went wrong. I use SD all the time for transfer some files (I dont carry the cable all the time) and for me it is the higher point.

  7. Hi,
    if you ask me, the Z22 is NOT INTENDED for you :) . It is intended for absolute no-need folks…Palm would prefer you to go for the E2…which IMHO is one of the most solid Palm units currently on the market…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  8. E2 < T|X in terms of stability IMO. I hear people having a lot more issues (memory, crashes, general stability, etc) on an E2 than a T|X. I think the T|X is most definitely a stronger device (wlan, 128MB ram, 320×480 hires+)

    Quite frankly the E2 is too weak for me :)

  9. Just won one at work, and trying to figure out what the heck I won…. Where’s the web browser?

  10. Hi,
    as far as I know, the Z22 has none…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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