The Fossil WristPDA is a very funky Palm OS device – however its OS has a few nasty little bugs. Sabre Golly from the WristPDA mailing list at Yahoo’s has recently made me aware of a serious bug in the WristPDA’s handling of 2 bit greyscale.

Basically, when in 4 greyscale mode, the two “intermediate” greyscales are not created by switching pixels on and off, but rather by “dithering” them together from black, grey(!!) and white lines. This leads to prety ugly graphics which make your game/application unenjoyable for WristPDA users.

Please look at the two images below(click on them for a bigger version) to understand what we mean:

2bit mode – buggy: WristPDA 2bit greyscale quirk   developers beware!

4bit mode – works ok: WristPDA 2bit greyscale quirk   developers beware!

As of now, the only workaround that we know about is to refrain from using 2bit greyscale in your WristPDA enabled programs. 4bit greyscale obviously works well – so why not simply go for that instead…

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