Headphones are a very popular topic of discussion in the Palm OS scene. Everyone has their favourite style and brand. Boxwave is a newcomer to the scene, but their MiniBuds pack a punch nevertheless.

BoxWave’s MiniBuds are a very interesting kind of headphones, as they can roll up themselves. This simplifies storage and transportaton in your jacket pocket(no need for the Tetran Cable Winder):
ext The BoxWave MiniBuds review un The BoxWave MiniBuds review
The sound quality of the in-ear headphones is really, really good. DJ Shadow’s epic organ donor sounds next to perfect, techno and classical music don’t pose any problems either.

MiniBuds ship with two sets of ‘ear pads’. This is a great idea, as I always tend to loose the ear pads over time. But the MiniBuds fit in so well that I didn’t even need the ear pads in everyday use:
phon The BoxWave MiniBuds review
The only issue that I had with the MiniBuds are the rollup mechanics; they don’t always roll the headphones up perfectly. This is no real problem, but is annoying for a perfectionist like me.
mis The BoxWave MiniBuds review
Overall, congratulations to BoxWave. Most well-sounding head phones cost at least 100$, Boxwave’s MiniBuds cost less than 25$. The sound quality is great, and the rollup system makes headphone transportation easy. If you need good in-ear headphones, Boxwave’s MiniBuds are the way to go!

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2 Responses to “The BoxWave MiniBuds review”

  1. Overall a pretty fair review. I have owned a pair for about a year now. I think the sound quality is pretty good, but the retraction mechanism definitely leaves something to be desired. They will quite often decide to rectract on their own, usually when I’m listening to something. Sometimes it won’t stay locked in place and will simply retract. I think it is a great idea, but poorly implemented.

  2. Hi WildCelt,
    I have experienced a similar performance with the old ones I used a year ago(their earbuds have a different shape, look at them in the image pls).

    However, with the new ones, the mechanics seem to have greatly improved!

    If you want to, I can upload a comparison photo!

    Best regards and thank you
    Tam Hanna

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